The Stegavaar is a Plasma lieutenant enemy from Darkspore, which featured in an online template challenge in Spore.


A solitary, dangerous creature, Stegavaar burrows through the eternal rock of its planet’s mantle and crust seeking the loren, the rare and precious underground rivers in which to spawn millions of creatures like itself in hopes of one day conquering the surface.

Stegavaar has the power of devastating bio-electron beams--living lightning. Charging at speeds that belie its cumbersome appearance, and protected by its impenetrable bio-armour, Stegavaar is nothing less than a living tank. Should Stegavaar ever fall in battle, its final act will be an electron explosion of vengeance that slaughters all who are nearby.


The winning creator, Potatofish, had his creature's design incorporated into the game. However a design by another user, Parkaboy, can be seen through roughly the first quarter of the preview video on the front page of the Darkspore site.

Trivia Edit

An enemy from Darkspore BETA called "Lightning Juggernaut" has a strikingly resemblance to the Stegavaar: both have bio-tendrils used to electrocute their target, both charge at their enemies at incredible speed and both die in an elecric explosion (according to the description)