Still Life
Still Life
TaskCreate 30 adventures with no creatures

Tips and TricksEdit

  • This achievement can be both simple and tricky. It can be simple in that the player has to not do something, but it can be tricky in that if they are planning on publishing the adventure.
  • A way to "slide through" this achievement is to create an adventure with only the start point for the captain, and then name the adventure "1". Continue and at 30, you will earn the achievement.
  • If you want to publish them, try making template worlds.
  • Another idea is to make a museum planet.
  • If you want to make adventures involving combat, you can still do that, but all your allies and enemies will have to be vehicles.
  • The captain of the adventure does not count as a creature.
  • If you are making and adventure, but you will save it for a later time, and you didn't add anything yet, it will count toward this achievement.

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