Stomachio is a creature created by Maxis and present in Spore and Creature Creator. It has first appeared in the Creature Creator.

In Spore Galactic Adventures, there's a notable Empire Stomachio named Gallery Owner, who appeared in adventure called Adventure Town and owns an interactive museum.

It possesses Terrorpin mouth, Coygamine eyes, Nubknuckle graspers, Two Paw feet, and Grasstachio details. In tribe form, it is cloth with King Bling hat, Tunic of Virtue chest, and Geltbuckle symbols. In nation form, it is cloth with Tin Cap hats, Connector Plate shoulder, Circumgear symbol, and Bolt details. And in empire form, it is cloth with Cap. Cornhall hat, Featherkilt chests, and Geltbuckle symbols.

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