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Storybook planets are planets that have been molded to look like things. Storybook planets seem to be placed randomly in a players game (it can even be your own home planet) so, unlike Sol, no coordinates can be given to lead you to them. Furthermore, they seem to be randomly generated as the player explores, so the player should find some eventually.

It is possible to find more than one copy of any given storybook planet and that a storybook planet may be inhabited by another empire.

Storybook planets do not display beige "rare" signals in solar system view. You must visit the planet to find out if it is a storybook planet; if so, you will receive the message as soon as you are planetside. A good clue to know if it is a storybook planet is to look at its T-score. Storybook planets usually have T3 scores, with a few creatures missing, though they can sometimes be of T2, T1, or even T0 score.

Discovering new type of storybook planets will be notified. Unfortunately, planets of a type found before will not give any message.

Some (may be all) type of storybook planets have another appearance, which often mismatches to its description. There is no evidence to proof whether they are glitched or hidden type, but it is undoubted that they are true storybook planets.

Crab LegsEdit

Crab Legs

A Crab formation on the Crab Legs planet


Crab Legs planet GIF

"Looks like crab, tastes like crab,it is a crab."


Craters storybook planet

Craters on Craters planet

"Holes are small. Craters are large."

Dill PicklesEdit

Dill Pickles

Dill Pickle monolith on Dill Pickles planet

"A pickle not dilled is just a cucumber."

Gears n CogsEdit

Gears storybook planet icon

Collector's Icon

Gears storybook planet

Cogs n Gears on Gears n Cogs

"Is this where the Antikythera device originated?"


Marshmallows storybook icon

Collector's Icon

Marshmallows storybook plan


"What kind of mind could create such a planet? I bet they make good cupcakes."


Pastry storybook planet ico

Collector's Icon

Pastry storybook planet

Croissant lakes on Pastry

"Is this where the Egyptians learned to make pastries?"



Pineapple planet

"It's always a good idea to peel the pineapple before biting into it."


"This planet really sticks to you."


Tentacles planet type one


Tentacle-shaped rocks on type one

Tentacles type2

Tentacles planet type two

Tantacles 2nd smoke

A tentacle of type two is made of smoke


Rattlesnake storybook icon

Collector's Icon

Rattlesnake storybook plan

Snake rings on Rattlesnake


Rattlesnake Planet gif

"They say rattlesnake tastes like chicken, but that chicken doesn't taste like rattlesnake." (You might not be able to see it on this picture, but there are large rattle-like formations sticking out of the surface too.)

Rock StackEdit

Rock Stack

Rock Stack

"Rocks stack, rocks fall, only rocks."

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