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Two creatures attacking each other with strike.

Strike is a combat ability in Creature Stage. It is the strongest of four attack options available, dealing a high level of damage to multiple targets in melee combat. The attack animation differs depending on where the strike weapon is; if it is near, or is, the hands, it will slash with its claws. With the latest patch, when a strike weapon mounted on the head will cause the creature to headbutt, while one on the tail will make the creature whirl and spin, attacking with its tail. If a creature has a combination of these types, the animation will be selected at random, between the two available; e.g. hands plus tail could trigger either animation. However, this does not affect the amount of damage dealt.

Although Strike is capable of hitting multiple targets, the one specifically targeted by the player, i.e. the one with the red target ring, will receive the full brunt of the damage. Any other creatures hit will recieve a reduced amount of damage, and creatures hit by this secondary strike will not be counted for the 'extinct' objectives in the Creature Stage.


Strike is a melee attack which strikes in a cone around the user, which is centered on the target. All strike attacks, regardless of level, have a 5 second cooldown time between uses. As the level increases, damage and cone size increase respectively. For example, a level 5 strike has a cone in front of and to the sides of the user, deals 9 damage to the primary target, and 1-2 damage to adjacent foes.

  • Level 1
    • Main Damage: 3
  • Level 2
    • Main Damage: 4.5
  • Level 3
    • Main Damage: 6
  • Level 4
    • Main Damage: 8
  • Level 5
    • Main Damage: 9

In Galactic Adventures, strike has a 0.25 damage multiplier (1/4 damage) when used against vehicles and buildings.


  • Most hands give a creature the strike ability as do several weapons such as the "Scimitard" and "Maceball".
  • If a creature has a strike part on its head, the creature may headbutt instead of slashing with its claws. If the creature has a strike part on its tail, it will spin around to attack. Level 1 tail strike is a single blow delivered from the left, level 2 adds a blow delivered from the right, and so on until strike 5, where the attack is preceeded by a flip.
  • This ability is replaced by the Lightning Striker or Icy Band in the Captain Editor.
  • In the standalone Creature Creator, certain mouths can also give creatures the ability to strike. This was removed, however, in the full version of Spore.
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