The Striklet are the first enemy species encountered in Spore Creatures. They are omnivorous, light blue, spider-like creatures.


The Striklet has a rugged, frightening appearance. While it looks like a spider, it has only six legs and doesn't appear to be able to spin webs. A Striklet is entirely blue, has three pitch-black eyes, and has a stinger on it's rear end.

Part in the StoryEdit

Little Oogie meets a Striklet who is eating, and Little Oogie tries to socialize, but the creature tries to attack him. Oogie then must defeat the Striklet in the combat tutorial. After, there is an optional mission, where you must defeat all Striklets in the area.


  • When Oogie is escaping from the sea, an odd creature resembling an Oogie with a lone striklet fin on it's back can be seen.