Summon Mini-U is the unique ability of the Knight Philosophy.

Ingame SummaryEdit

"Summons a Smaller Version of your spaceship to assist you in your adventures."

Actual EffectEdit

Creates a mini version of your ship that will follow you around acting as an ally. The ship has 20% of your total health, like an allied ship. With extreme health and Prime Specimen, the Mini-U is only outmatched by a 5-star ally.


Ship and mini ship

Ship on right and "Mini-U" ship on left

The power creates another ally for your fleet, effectively adding an ally using an allied ship slot in your fleet capacity. The Mini-U will expire after 2 minutes.

Unfortunately you can only recruit 4 allies to fly with you at best as a Knight instead of the usual 5, since spawning Mini-U will count as the 5th ally. Fortunately however you can always have at least 1 ally ready on hand and his race will never be angry if you abandon him to an early death to save yourself. One can use a trick to acquire more than one Mini-U via the console by typing setconsequencetrait space_knight before the Mini-U spawns which will reset the ability before it eliminates the Mini-U, allowing you to summon another Mini-U.


Ship Tools Tab: Weapons

Cost: No Cost

Damage: No Damage

Cooldown: 2 minutes from use

Other Effects: A free ally whenever you are on a planet (it is not destroyed if you exit into space). The duration is equal to the cooldown so you can keep your Mini-U up all of the time, so long as it is not destroyed and you keep using the button.

Other NotesEdit

  • The name is a reference to Mini-Me from the Austin Powers trilogy.
  • Ironically, pirates have this ability.
  • This is the only ability that can not be granted through unlocking a set of tools in Galactic Adventures.

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