The Supupie is an enemy species found in Spore Creatures on Trunkle, Tapti. They are very protective of their home and possess the ability to breathe fire. One was seen cornering a Meeper and the player had to rescue him. The Supupie arm is rather unique, it is the only arm in the entire game that has defense points. Interestingly, it's eyes are asymmetrical.

From the Spore Creatures SporepediaEdit

Supupie are very aggressive and territorial by nature. Once they've chosen a home, they can only be moved through force or intimidation.


A Supupie somewhat resembles a dog in appearance. They have four small legs, and large ears( This being the fin.).But Supupie have two other traits that set them apart from canines.The first being that they have eyes that appear to be set on two small eye stalks, and the second being their arms, which dogs don't possess.

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