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Tablets of Prosperity are a set of rares that can be found throughout the Spore galaxy. Like all other sets of rares and artifacts, they are randomly scattered, meaning that there is generally no way of knowing or predicting where they will end up in any specific game.

The Tablets of Prosperity are followed by Traders across the galaxy and as such they will pay double the price listed. The combined value of the Tablets of Prosperity is $450,000. However, if you have all of them in your cargo hold at the same time, the set will sell for $4,500,000 instead.

Tablet of Prosperity No. 1Edit

The grand and the wise may have answered all the important questions, such as the meaning of the universe and the purpose of life.

- Tablet of Prosperity No. 1

Value: $45,000

Tablet of Prosperity No. 2Edit

We who are neither grand nor wise must settle for lesser answers. We concern ourselves only with that which makes us happy.

- Tablet of Prosperity No. 2

Value: $45,000

Tablet of Prosperity No. 3Edit

Tablet of prosperity no3

Number 3.

Tablet of prosperity no3 ic

Collector's Icon.

It seems evident that the universe has enough resources to make everyone happy, and each sentient being should have sufficient freedom as to make that happiness possible.

- Tablet of Prosperity No. 3

Value: $45,000

Tablet of Prosperity No. 4Edit

Consider the simple act of trade. If you believe that possession of an item would increase your happiness, and if my happiness would be increased by selling that item to you for a certain sum, then the trade makes us both happy, and the amount of happiness in the universe is increased.

- Tablet of Prosperity No. 4

Value: $45,000

Tablet of Prosperity No. 5Edit

Tablet of prosperity no5

Number 5.

Tablet of prosperity no5 ic

Collector's Icon.

We let other species worry about the significance of existence and how to achieve perfection.

- Tablet of Prosperity No. 5

Value: $45,000

Tablet of Prosperity No. 6Edit

We only concern ourselves with how to make everyone happy.

- Tablet of Prosperity No. 6

Value: $45,000

Tablet of Prosperity No. 7Edit

Tablet of prosperity no7

Number 7.

Tablet of prosperity no7 ic

Collector's Icon.

The Grox are a source of the utmost terror. They have exterminated many races.

- Tablet of Prosperity No. 7

Value: $45,000

Tablet of Prosperity No. 8Edit

The Grox are a race of machines. They are incapable of happiness or of understanding the profit motive.

- Tablet of Prosperity No. 8

Value: $45,000

Tablet of Prosperity No. 9Edit

The Grox have blockaded the center of the galaxy, so that we cannot trade there.

- Tablet of Prosperity No. 9

Value: $45,000

Tablet of Prosperity No. 10Edit

Possession of this scroll entitles you to a sizable discount at our boutique!

- Tablet of Prosperity No. 10

Value: $45,000

  • It should be noted that possessing this scroll does not actually get you discounts when trading with Trader Empires, though they do mention boutiques in some conversations.


  • Tablet of Prosperity No. 3 is similar to the Transformer, Optimus Prime's famous line "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

Other Rares

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