The Tamaran system is the star system featured in the GDC 2005 presentation and is the home of the Willosaurs. It was the first star system in Spore to be seen by the public.

The Tamaran system consists of one medium yellow star,Tamaran and five planets which include an unnamed inner planet, Tamaran itself, a large yellowish gas giant, Frore, and an unknown outer world. Other celestial objects such as comets, are also seen occasionaly.

The Sun Edit

The Tamaran system's star, also called Tamaran, is large yellow star that is extremely similar to Earth's sun. It is very active and about as bright as Sol.

The Planets Edit

There are five planets in the Tamaran system which are Inner World, Tamaran, Gas Giant, Frore, and the Outer World. Their red, violet, and blue orbit trails are remniscent of the present day red, green, and blue trails.

Inner World Edit

This planet is the closest planet to both the system's star and Tamaran. It is shown to have a reddish hue to it. This might mean it is a volcanoic world or has clouds similar to Venus's.

Tamaran Edit

The second world from the sun and the only one to develop life naturally, is Tamaran. A beautiful, lush green and blue globe, Tamaran is made up of 5 or 6 connected continents and 4 or 5 oceans. It is home to the sapient Willosaurs, the timid Tamaranian Hoppers, and the vicious Splodey. Tamaran is also shown to have two small moons orbiting it.

Tamaranian Gas Giant Edit

The Tamaran system's sole gas giant and largest planet is a yellowish color. It has large rings around it is shown to have two large moons orbiting it, one of wich has water. It is the third world from the system's star. It it probably serves to protect Tamaran from asteroid and comet impacts. Since its orbit trail is partially violet, its moons may be habitable to a degree, especially the larger, oceanic one.

Frore Edit

The fourth planet from the sun, Frore was a dead world at first. Believed to be a former moon of the gas giant Frore was a gray sphere full of craters. The planet was colonized then terraformed by the Willosaurs when they began exploring space. It is now a mini-Tamaran.

Outer World Edit

The fifth and final world is only briefly seen in an orbiting path around the star Tamaran. Due to its distance it is most likely an ice world or a world like pre-terraformed Frore.

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