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Astrographical information
Basic Locationapproximately 4-5 parsecs north of pangu
Moonsprobably about 1 or 2
Stellar PositionGoldilocks Planet
Star systemN/A
GalaxyThe Spore Galaxy
Length of dayapproximately 32 standard hours
Length of yearapproximately 547 local days
Length of orbital rotationapproximately 750,000,000 light years
Geographical information
InhabitantsRanging depending on environment
Land colorMostly Green, tan and red-ish-brown in some areas
Water colorBlue/crystal
Air colorBlue/clear
Terra-ScorePresumably T3
Mean radiusapproximately 53,000 km.
Equatorial radiusN/A
Pressure at sea levelN/A
Mean surface temperatureTropical Warmth, aproximately 84 degrees fahrenheit
Water PercentageAbout 65%
TerrainFlat with some hills and montains in some areas volcanoes, deserts and oceans
VegetationGrass in tropics, trees, desert trees, temperate trees, lava trees
Valuable toGar' skuther and Oogie
The planet Tapti appears in the Spore Creatures it's also the starting planet in the game.

The Planet Tapti Is one of the largest planets in the known galaxy. Having a fairly warm ecosystem, it has become a birthing ground for many new species.

Tapti is a large planet with several continents.

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