The planet Tapti appears in the Spore Creatures. It's also the starting planet in the game.

Sporepedia Description Edit

The Planet Tapti Is one of the largest planets in the known galaxy. Having a fairly warm ecosystem, it has become a birthing ground for many new species.

Gameplay Edit

Your creature (Oogie) starts off on this planet, specifically on Fryse. Little Oogie gets kidnapped by a UFO. The remaining continents are manly used for collecting broken spaceship parts, after Gar' skuther crashes his spaceship in the side of a cave in Trunkle.

Terrascore Edit

The large biodiversity on the planet suggest it has a terrascore of T3. Because the planet has a relatively warm ecosystem, no ice is known to exist on the planet. However, you can change that by unlocking terraform mode in the cheat shop. Tapti has a wide variety of biomes, ranging from forest and tropical regions to deserts and lava regions.

Landforms Edit

In a general sense Tapti contains some mountains and highlands, with valleys in between, and many plains. It also contains many isthmuses and peninsulas, and many islands. Beaches are relatively common. Because there are many continents on Tapti, each one may have its own unique landform characteristics. Fryse contains many flat, low elevated peninsulas, but the mainland is relatively high elevated. Trunkle is mostly flat with many islands. Noodlin has many hills and beaches, with very high mountains. Zager has many cliffs and mountains with few beaches and, because of this, it is very dry.

Bowlketos is unique in a way as it is the only continent to be very volcanic. Lava lies at the center of it, with mountains on the outside. Due to the harsh conditions, the life here had to adapt to its environment.