Taptup is a creature appearing in Spore Creatures DS video game. They are found in Fryse region of Tapti planet.

Story Edit

The Lone Taptup was first introduced when Little Oogie approaches it. Little Oogie was curious about the Taptup while behind it, however, when the Taptup noticed the Little Oogie, he get frightened and made him flee into the bush; making Taptup left flustered. The player must befriend a Taptup and ask to follow them to complete the task.

Once the Striklet was defeated, The Taptups has opened up the tunnel for the player to enter that leads to Trunkle region.


  • A Taptup appears on Spore Creatures cover art. Although it is yellow and orange, instead of reddish-brown and orange.