These friendly natives of Tapti roam about the various islands' fields, living a relatively peaceful life despite their occasional clash with the Striklet.


  • Attack: 3
  • Defence: 3
  • Social level: 3
  • Digestion: 4
  • Diet: Omnivore


While the majority of the Taptup's traits are similar to that of a bird,(specifically the Hoatzin), it shares some traits with mammals,such as it having teeth and stout,little legs.But as mentioned before, it is mostly bird-like, due to it's wings, feathers, and hopping-running gait. Taptup's may be a mammal due to them being able to open tunnels with ease, possibly implying that the species may be related to moles.


  • A Taptup appears on Spore:Creatures cover art. Although it is yellow and orange, instead of reddish-brown and orange.

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