Animalia (Linnaeus, 1758) is the kingdom consisting of all animals. All creatures created in Spore belong to this kingdom, unless they are unambiguously meant to be anything other than an animal.

  • Annelida (invertebrate animals with long segmented bodies)
  • Arthropoda (invertebrate animals with chitinous segmented bodies and legs on at least one of those segments, which are usually jointed)
  • Chordata (bilateral animals with backbones or at least a notochord and a tail which continues past the anus)
  • Cnidaria (soft-bodied aquatic animals with bodies made primarily of non-living jelly)
  • Cryptia (animals that resemble non-living matter)
  • Cytota (animals that resemble members of other kingdoms)
  • Echinodermata (animals with five-point radial symmetry)
  • Lophotrochozoa (invertebrate animals with unsegmented bodies)
  • Mollusca (Soft-bodied invertebrate animals best known for the shells present in many of them, which are commonly formed from nacre)

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