Animalia Chordata

Chordata (Bateson, 1885) or chordates are animals with backbones.

  • Amphibia (chordates with smooth skin that metamorphose from a juvenile form to an adult form)Aves (feathered chordates)Brutusilia (chordates with features of both amphibians and mammals)Dinosauria (chordates with features intermediate between reptiles and birds)Hemiinsecta (chordates with arthropod features)Mammalia (warm-blooded chordates with hair or fur, mammary glands, and a neocortex region in the brain)Pisces (aquatic chordates)Reptilia (chordates which have scales and breathe air)Synapsida (chordates with features intermediate between reptiles and mammals)


CRE Merrol Conda-0a5a9e2a ful

Merrol Conda (Merrolia ctes)

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