The Arena of Oorama is a Maxis-made adventure set in a large arena with very dangerous opponents on planet Oorama. The player must defeat 5 waves of enemies in order to complete the mission. For the entire adventure, there will be pillars in the arena with a Toksik and a power-up on each of them. Toksiks will stay on the pillars and spit at the player. However, they will not respawn once they are killed, so it is recommended that the player kill them at the beginning of the adventure so that the power-ups may be used later when necessary.

The adventure has a locked captain: Leh'ni. Leh'ni is apparently a gladiator or warrior, and he is equipped with Bladed Knuckles, a Missile Flinger, and a Plasma Pulser.

Round 1: In round one, the player must battle the Osgalts, hellhounds from the Tartarus System, and their trainers, the Beastmasters. The fight against the hellhounds and their trainers is fairly easy, although that they may charge the player with several dogs at once. There are four Osgalts and two Beastmasters. They both have rather low health.

Round 2: During this round, the player has to defeat the Skex and Thorns, predators from the desert. These creatures have level 5 spit, but have relatively low health. Four of each must be killed to pass the round.

Round 3: During this round, the player must fight armed mercenaries. The Bronks are mercenaries with over 70 health and Bladed Knuckles, and the Blasters have only about 20 health and use Plasma Pulsers. Four of each must be killed to pass the round.

Round 4: A swarm of Tuuks, small creatures with large jaws, covers the floor of the arena. They are very easy to kill, since they only have 5 health, but their bite is at level 5. An effective strategy is to herd a large group together, then kill them all at once with a missile or energy slash. The Tuuks will respawn, and the plyaer must kill 15 to progress to the next round.

Round 5: The final round. An epic Grankor from the swamps of planet Mildor appears in the arena. It has over 200 health and powerful attacks. The Tuuks will still be there in this round.

Like in nearly all Maxis adventures, there is a hidden Spoffit in this one. It is located outside the arena on a bridge, with a little house close to it.

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