The Black Claw are the antagonists of the Temple of Spode adventure.

The Black Claw, as seen in the adventure, seems to be a primitive tribal group native to the Temple of Spode's planet, and possibly the original inhabitants of it. Another civilisation found in Temple of Spode, Blaharans, may be another local species or perhaps Space Stage colonists. Either way, the Black Claw and Blaharans hate each other and are at war.

The Black Claw can certainly construct small ships and boats with projectile weapons (as seen in the adventure, where a Black Claw-owned ship destroys Blaharan houses), but do not use any other technology - not even weapons; the Black Claw's species fight with their own bare hands.

The black claw could actually be enemies with shamans because if you contact a shaman during a war they sometimes reply "the black claw is in a battle with the light hand at the moment"

Species Edit

The Black Claw may be composed of up to three species, as encountered in the Temple of Spode.

Black Claw Zealots are the most common group in the Black Claw, and have either 16 or 21 hitpoints. Although unnoticeable due to the large masks that they are wearing, they have flat, reptilian faces with catlike eyes. They are fairly strong, with powerful bite and strike, but nothing else. They wear two-eyed masks and their skin is black.

Black Claw Fanatics are the "elite" species in the Black Claw - although they may be the same species as Zealots. They have the same physical characteristics as the Zealots, but are slightly stronger with 25 hitpoints. They have different clothing, with some feathers and other features added, as well grinning, three-eyed masks. They are the most rarely-seen members of the Black Claw in the adventure. They are first seen attacking Priest Falloha during the ambush.

Black Claw Scouts are the smallest group in the Black Claw, differing from the others greatly. They have a different body structure, and are omnivores with similan faces and eyes. Despite their small stature, they have 20 hitpoints, which means that they can be tougher than Zealots. They are seen in the town surrounding the Temple of Spode, attacking you and Falloha.

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