The Corrupter

The Corruptor, as seen on the Darkspore BETA website, partially obscured by Zrin.

The Corruptor is the primary antagonist in Darkspore. He was once the powerful Crogenitor known as Xylan. He was a rogue Crogenitor scientist that during his studies, came across the exponential amino acid, E-DNA. After the creation of The Darkspore, further experimentation with E-DNA was outlawed, and Xylan was thrown into exile. During his exile, the was convinced that he, and only he, could withstand the effects of the transfection of E-DNA, but he was far from correct. When the other Crogenitors contacted him, he said "Soon, there will only be Darkspore..." which was the last time he was heard from. After he revealed himself as the Corruptor, he fled to Cryos, where he formed a hideout. He then mutated other Crogenitors on Cryos turning them into Destructors. If you get to the point of battling the Corruptor in-game, you will find he assimilates himself to your current heroes type, effectively making him able to kill you in half the time.

Lore Edit

A brilliant Crogenitor, Xylan pioneered galactic E-DNA research. That research produced violent mutants who slaughtered most of the engineers who created them. Despite the bloodshed, Xylan argued that banning E-DNA would be a crime against science and would deny civilization the greatest achievements of galactic history.

Exiled to unexplored space for his negligence, Xylan apparently died when his ship's plasma coil ruptured . In fact, Xylan faked his own death, and with help of shadowy allies, he escaped to the Noktroto Nebula. There Xylan transfected himself with E-DNA to gain powers beyond any the galaxy had ever seen.

Xylan gathered like-minded Crogenitors to expand his grim experiments. With the nebula hiding him from his enemies, he subjected nineteen planetary biospheres to his cruel E-DNA testing. Ultimately weaponizing billions of life forms, Xylan selected the DNA he deemed superior, combining genes and incorporating radioactive isotopes into the DNA molecule itself. His new E-DNA, even more powerful than the original, dramatically accelerated mutation and adaptation.

Now as the Corruptor, Xylan emerged with his Darkspore horde to engulfe the stars in the Mutation Wars. He destroyed Crogenitor civilization, charring its ancient capital Perceptum into a world he renamed Scaldron.