A Crogenitor, along with Orion and Maldri, and Magnos, standing on Zelem's Nexus.

The Crogenitors are the protagonists of the game Darkspore. They have roamed the galaxy for eons, to the point that no planet was untouched by them, as they mutated creatures and improving themselves using the power of E-DNA... until, in their unattended hubris, they accidentally unleashed The Darkspore, a genetic nightmare beyond control, and the galaxy went under siege soon after the Darkspore began infecting planetary populations. If left unchecked, the Crogenitors' greatest mistake will soon prove to be the end of life as they knew it. They are highly advanced, capable of perfecting the device created by Zelem, that was meant to keep the remains of the planet Nakto, together. (Nakto is now called Zelem's Nexus for this reason)

Darkspore SlaughteredCrogenitors

The gruesome remains of Crogenitors who were killed by the Darkspore.

After the Darkspore killed the Crogenitors and the Living weapons, 6 Crogentiors were put into cryogenic chambers and hidden across the galaxy. The AI system called HELIX informs them of what has happened to their race, and the Crogenitors secretly work amongst the people of the planets they now dwell on, continuing to experiment.

Darkspore FallenPlanet

The Crogenitor Empire falls, having been taken over by the Darkspore.

One Crogenitor, awoken from a 1,000-year hypersleep aboard his ship by his supercomputer, was tasked with assembling an army of heroes, using E-DNA to grant them amazing powers and improve their abilities. This army forms the vast majority of the Crogenitor Insurgency, a large team led by the awoken Crogenitor to defeat the Darkspore.

Darkspore CrogenitorsFleeing

Select Crogenitors flee from their fallen homeworld aboard Cryoships, where they will remain dormant until HELIX can stabilize E-DNA.

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  • The Crogenitors are similar to ancient races from various works of fiction, who influenced modern races and are thought to be extinct. Their name is derived from the word "Progenitor", which means something or someone who came before everything else. This is similar to the names given to many of those elder races, who are often known as "Ancients", "Precursors", or even "Progenitors".
  • Very early, other Crogenitors were mentioned: Astra, mentioned in Sage's bio, and Ptyron, who gave Zrin the power of the Sun Fist. However, both were removed in the updated versions of the bios, and were never mentioned again until the BETA.
  • There is a theory is that the Crogenitors are the players of the original Spore.