Creatures worshipping the Source.

The Source is a deity worshipped by religious nations in the Civilization Stage.

Characteristics Edit

In the Civilization Stage when talking with religious nations, they speak of the object of their worship which they simply call "The Source." This may mean it is its own individual deity whose worship is supplanted by Spode or the God That Will Come, or perhaps the Source is actually just another name for Spode or the God That Will Come before civilizations decided to call him something different.

Trivia Edit

  • In some languages, the Source is not mentioned; for instance, in the Russian translation of Spore, nations speak just of "gods".
  • The Source could be a reference to the Force from Star Wars, the metaphysical power used by the Jedi and Sith.
  • It may also mean the Source of power.
  • Yet another possibility is a reference to the DC Comics "Source".
  • In the science fiction book series, Remnants, the Marauders refer to the ruins of the ship Mother as The Source.
  • Source code is the code of a program, so The Source could be a reference to the code of the game.
  • The Source is also another name for Machine City in The Matrix trilogy of films.
  • The Source could be the player because the player was guiding the creatures all along.
  • The Source could also be thought of as where the meteorite starting the Cell Stage came from.
  • The Source is the primary objective for the humans and Hath in the Doctor Who series 4 episode, "the Doctor's Daughter". It is depicted as a ball of gas-like energy in a glass sphere that can terraform uninhabitable planets, which is itself reminiscent of the Staff of Life.
  • In David Gemmel's series of books, The Source is a prevalent deity in every series
  • The Source can also mean the source of life.

Quotes Edit

The Source frowns upon you and your creations.

- A phrase that religious nations will use in conversations when annoyed with your nation.

The Source sings of our alliance and its power.

- Another phrase from religious nations when they are friendly towards you.

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