The Spirits are Restless Adventure is the Shaman Campaign Adventure.

Story Edit

The story takes place in a small village that is being attacked by evil creatures at nightfall. The player must talk to the mayor, who tells the player of a druid. The village thinks that the druid is responsible for this. The player walks across the bridge and has a conversation with the druid. The Old Druid tells you to walk the spirit path (just a path that leads you to your destination. Along the way, the player will hear creepy/terrifying music, and encounter the Shabbols, which will attack the player if they get near. Once at the end of the Path, the player meets a terrifying demon that is driving the Shabbols berserk. The staff must be put in the altar to banish the ancient horror. The Shabbols have regained control of themselves, the horror has been defeated, and the captain receives some sporebucks and a bonus of 100 points.

Trivia Edit

  • The Old Druid may not give the player the Wolf Staff if they are sneaking due to an AI oversight (perceived) in which AI with the "hand item to player" AI package being unable to see/find the player. Returning to visibility will cause him to hand you the staff as normal.
  • Sneaking (either via creature ability or captain part) prevents the Shabbols from attacking you just like any other enemy (with the exception of explosive-carrying creatures such as the DynaMites in Infestation), allowing you to run straight to the Ancient Horror's Altar, though some players may consider this cheating/cheap.
  • The Shabbols stay hostile even after the Ancient Horror has been banished. This is likely due to a simple oversight, although it is reasonable as the player is not expected to go back and encounter the Shabbols again.
  • If the player takes the correct turns, the player can find a Spoffit hidden on a remote part of the path.
  • It is possible to complete this mission without even walking the Spirit Path. Captains with a high enough Glide or Jump skill can simply go over the rock wall directly behind the statue heads. It is also possible to get around the rock wall by flying or jumping to the top of a building to the left of the leftmost statue head, then to a low section of the rock wall directly right of the building. Sneaking is recommended because the Ancient Horror can shoot fireballs through the rock wall.
  • The Ancient Horror may be a reference to "He Who Walks Behind the Rows" from "Children of the Corn".

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