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Tribal members wielding throwing spears.

Throwing Spear is a partial consequence weapon that will become default weapon if creature is an omnivore in tribal stage. Each spear does 10 damage. Pressing the "Spears" weapon button on the bottom will make all selected spear wielders run forward in a damaging charge.

Tips Edit

  • It is an extremely useful weapon, as you can kill many creatures before they even touch you, and is a great alternative to Stone Axes.
  • It is one of the best hunting weapons as five tribes members can instantly kill any wild non epic creature.
  • It is not recommended to fight wild animal nests with lots of babies using spears because some babies can accidentally be killed in the fight and the species will become hostile.
  • Due to it's ranged capabilities, the Throwing Spear is probably the best weapon to fight epics in tribal stage.

Trivia Edit

  • They can be considered the most advanced tribal weapon as their head pieces are made of metal.

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