Titan-Cyber Sentinal

A variant of Titan,as he is seen on the Darkspore Beta website

Gene Titan5a9abc95

The final art for Titan, revealed on Help

Darkspore Titan1

Titan uses a force field-like ability while firing machine gun bullets in all directions. He appears to be on Nocturna.

Darkspore Titan2

Titan uses his "Seismic Smash" attack against numerous Plasma and Necro enemies, including what might be a Lightning Stalker.

Darkspore TitanPGN HD

Titan in a Squad Deck.

Titan the Impenetrable is a Cyber Sentinel from the game Darkspore. He uses mainly heavy weaponry to defeat his enemies. Titan was the very first Living Weapon revealed to share the same class and Genesis type with Goliath. Just like SRS-42, Titan used to be a normal organic being who worked in a factory on Infinity. After accidentally falling and plummeting several stories to his death, Suzu took pity on him and brought his body back to life as a Cyborg.

Revelation Edit

Titan was first seen in an image depicting the final Genesis types at ComicCon 2010, but went unnamed. He was later seen as concept art and named on the Darkspore ARG website, Help E-DNA. A day after he was revealed, two commands were inserted into the website that loaded short in-game videos of Titan when entered.

Darkspore RedTitan

Titan's unusual red coloration seen in the Squads and Abilities trailer. This is probably a "variant" of Titan.

Lore Edit

One of the last of his kind, Titan was an engineer on the super-polluted corpse-world called Infinity. Building soaring towers and vast bridges, delighting in the power of his mind to connect and create, Titan dreamed of resurrecting the ancient factory-cities to make his world live again.

But working alone for decades took its toll on Titan’s body, until the day he fell to his death.

Only to be resurrected by the Crogenitor Suzu.

For Titan, it seemed like a nightmare transformed into a dream. He remembered plummeting horribly, his body battered against steel and rock before crashing into a toxic tailings pond. And then blackness, and agony... and finally, a symphony of electrical sensation. His body surged with the energy and power of his rebuilt, cybernetically-infused body.

Reborn by forces he did not understand, he emerged from Suzu’s enclave to continue his vast project of rebuilding his world. But the Darkspore descended to incinerate those dreams.

Repurposing whatever repairbots he could find into his own personal legion, Titan shifted from resurrector to destroyer, specializing in guerrilla raids that taunted his enemies. Defended by his personally-designed energy shield and inflicting concussive blasts at will against ensnared enemies, Titan vowed to wipe out the Darkspore on his world, so he could live long enough to put aside his weapons of chaos for his beloved tools of order.

Abilities Edit

Three of Titan's attacks are known. One of these is the ability to fire a hail of machine gun bullets from his shoulder-mounted turrets in all directions around him. His other attack is called "Seismic Smash", which delivers a stomp to the ground that generates a burst of energy, dealing damage to all surrounding enemies and also grabbing their attention, causing them to direct all their attacks towards him. The last ability is called "Zetawatt Beam": using this ability, Titan emits a synthesized roar and releases a power stream of yellow energy from the yellow light on his torso, which will shoot across the screen and plow through any enemy in its way. Any Cyber that has a 'circle light' part on their torso, such as Meditron and Goliath, can also use the Zetawatt Beam.

Trivia Edit

  • Titan's "voice" sounds like a synthesizer and can be heard whenever he uses the Zetawatt Beam.
  • In Titan's default form he runs like a gorilla would, but in his "red form", he wobbles back and forth as he walks.