Tork Hero

The final art for Tork, revealed on Help

Darkspore TorkPGN HD

Tork in a Squad Deck.

Darkspore Tork1

Tork firing fungal projectiles at a pack of enemies.

Darkspore Tork2

Tork uses his "Sleeping Cloud" ability to put the surrounding enemies into a deep slumber.

Darkspore TorkVines

Tork prepares to use his "Fungal Vines", but is subsequently killed by one of Jinx's skull grenades.

Tork the Fungal King is a Bio Tempest from the game Darkspore. He shares his Genesis type and class with Sage. His face is concealed by a metallic gas mask, and his abilities focus on the manipulation of the special qualities of fungi, spores, and similar plant-like life-forms. He is notably quite bulky for a Tempest.

Revelation Edit

Tork was first revealed as Maxis art on the Darkspore ARG website, Help E-DNA. A day after he was revealed, two commands were inserted into the website that loaded short in-game videos of Tork when entered. His name, title and class were revealed on the Darkspore forum by senior systems designer Paul Sottosanti.

Lore Edit

On Verdanth before the Darkspore, most creatures sought harmony with all living things. And then there was Tork.

An outcast and a scoundrel, Tork took whatever nutrients and psychoactive bioceuticals he desired from whomever was nearest, as long as he was strong enough to dominate them.

And then he fell victim to someone whose power he could not hope to match: Crogenitor Astra.

Made a test subject for a decade, Tork lived in constant terror. Although Astra never tortured him, subjecting him only to repeated anatomical and endurance examinations, Tork came to see Astra’s other specimens as being just like him: powerless and terrified. He swore that if given the chance, he’d free every living being in the laboratory from the bizarre, giant alien who’d captured them all.

And one morning, Astra gave him that chance. On purpose. When Astra allowed Tork to think he could overpower the Crogenitor during an examination, Tork fought him with everything he had, including abilities he’d had no idea he possessed: a somno-cloud of sleep-inducing spores, and a blast of thano-pollen which would have poisoned any creature other than a Crogenitor.

Escaping with his fellow Verdanthi back into the wild, Tork used the rejuvenating spores that his body has always possessed, but which were now much stronger, to heal his newfound friends. And when the Darkspore conquered his world, he used his abilities no more to take advantage... but to liberate.

Abilities Edit

Toxic Spores (Basic Ability) Lobs a spore that creates a cloud on impact, poisioning enemies for 12 energy damage over 3 seconds.

Sleeping Cloud Releases a continous stream of relaxation spores for 6 seconds that cause enemies within 6m to fall asleep.

Virulent Vines (Variant Ability) Roots the target in place for 8 seconds and applies an infectious disease that deals 51 energy damage over that period. The disease will spread to other nearby enemies, dealing 29 energy damage to each.

Sporogenisis (Squad Ability) Emits cleansing spores that remove all debuffs from allies within 8m. Affected allies will gain a heal over time effect that restores 25 health over 4 seconds.

Trivia Edit

  • Tork and Savage both have one pair of arms and one pair of legs. This makes them unlike most other Bio heroes, such as Sage, Viper, and Arborus, who all have 6 limbs.
  • When Tork was first revealed, his muscular appearance led people to believe he was a Sentinel. However, developer input on the Darkspore forum confirmed that he was not. Taking into account similarities to other Ravagers, such as his dual blasters, and that he bore almost no similarities to other Tempests, Tork was classified as a Ravager by forumers and Wiki users. However, later developer input revealed him to be a Bio Tempest, like Sage, on /11/21/10/.

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