A transfer beam travels between two spaceships.

Respawn Beam

A creature being beamed down onto a planet, showing that the "respawn" feature uses transfer beam technology.

A transfer beam is a piece of technology used by species in the Space Stage to transport items between spaceships, from a spaceship to a planet's surface, or vice versa. The effect of a transfer beam in use is that of a blue column of light with several bright blue glowing rings running along the beam in the direction in which the transfer is taking place.

Uses Edit

  • A transfer beam was used by the crashed spaceship discovered at the beginning of the Space Stage to transport technology including an Interstellar Drive and Proton Missiles to the ship that discovered it.
  • Transfer beams are used to transport Space Captains onto "Adventure planets". "Respawning" objects are also transported down onto the planet's surface using the same method.
  • Transfer beams may also be used to transport goods such as spice and Rares between spaceships and planets.

Similar technology Edit

  • Hologram Scouts can transport Rares, Treasured Items and money from a planet's surface to an orbiting spaceship, however, this uses a different effect to normal transport in that the items are shown as shrinking and vanishing instead of being carried via transfer beam.
  • Steve gives the Staff of Life to visiting spaceships by a form of transfer beam-like technology.
  • Abduction Beams can also transport objects between spaceships and planetary surfaces, but this does not appear to be similar to transfer beams in any other way.
  • Likewise, teleporters (Gameplay Objects in Spore Galactic Adventures) can transport objects from one location to another, but they can only transport creatures and items attached to or held by these creatures and so are probably unrelated to transfer beam technology.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "transfer beam" is only used once to refer to the technology, in the scene in the tutorial mission with the crashed spaceship. When referring to Adventures, use of the transfer beam is simply referred to as "beam[ing] down/up".

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