The ten Treasured Items. From left to right, top to bottom: Llama, Gnome, Plate, Idol, Grail, Chest, Crown, Scepter, Trophy, Snowglobe.

Treasured Items are objects that the player's captain is required to find on Missions in the Space Stage. Empires will give various explanations as to why they want some of these items (they contain information about the Grox, they were relics that were once stolen from them, etc) and three planets on which they can be found, and then to complete the mission all three artifacts must be collected and returned to another planet where they are wanted.

The ten Treasured Items are as follows:

  • Treasured Crown
A golden crown on a red circular pillow
  • Treasured Chest
A golden chest shaped somewhat like the Ark of the Covenant
  • Treasured Gnome
A golden statue of a gnome atop a golden stepped circular pedestal
  • Treasured Grail
A jewel-studded golden chalice (based on the Holy Grail)
  • Treasured Idol
A golden statue of a winged, two-armed, one-eyed serpentine deity atop a circular stone pedestal
  • Treasured Llama
A stone statue of a llama atop a rectangular stone pedestal
  • Treasured Plate
A porcelain plate with a drawing of a Screeble's head in the centre
  • Treasured Scepter
A golden, jewel-studded scepter
  • Treasured Snowglobe
A snowglobe containing a tribal hut atop a golden pedestal
  • Treasured Trophy
A golden trophy atop a gold-studded stone pedestal

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