Trilie or Trilies are green banana-like Maxis-made creatures present in the final game. They may be closely related to the Bananaz creatures, also present in the final game.

Trilie are equally adept at social, as well as combative, skills. In combat situations, if possible, the Trilie tends to spit a strong poison at its foe from a distance. When the other creature begins to approach, the Trillie will usually charge, dazing the opponent. It will then proceed to claw and bite until the fight is over.

The dancing skills of the Trilie are matched by few, and they are able to charm others quite effectively. They have also been posing and singing, though many of their songs leave something to be desired.

Trilie are very good runners, and they are able to outrun most creatures that they do not wish to interact with.

Trilie is usually a Rogue creature.

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