The Tripod Neuvo is a Maxis-made creature who is present in the final version of Spore. It is modeled after the Willosaur, the creature used by Will Wright during his presentation of Spore in the 2005 Game Developers Conference. It is an omnivore animal with the ability to charge at opponents by using its horns and is also able to spit poison by using a weapon at the tip of its tail, which arcs upwards, somewhat close to its head.

Due to numerous changes the game suffered between 2005 and its release at 2008, many of the Willosaur's original traits are no longer possible to be replicated with the modern Creature Creator, and the Tripod Neuvo uses equivalent parts in order to replace them such as its spit weapon in the place of where the Willosaur once possessed a clawed hand, due to the fact hand parts cannot be applied directly to a creature's spine and must instead be connected to a limb. The Tripod Neuvo also lacks most of the reptilian features of the Willosaur, such as a carnivore reptilian head and clawed feet, which have been replaced with an omnivore simian mouth and standard, featureless feet.


  • The word "Nuevo" means "New" in Spanish language, meaning the Tripod Neuvo's name is meant to mean "New Tripod". If this is the case, the creature's name suffers from a typo, for "Neuvo" is not a valid word.
    • If Tripod Neuvo's name means "New Tripod", it brings the possibility that the Willosaur's real name was simply Tripod.