Some planets in the galaxy look very exaggerated and have peculiar landforms and colors. There are also Storybook Planets which are found in 10 spots in the Spore Galaxy. They are also some occasional unnatural worlds that are found normally. Unnatural planets can even be the player's home planets, sometimes. These are some types of unnatural planets:

  • Cube Planets.
  • Crater Planets.
  • Storybook Planets.
  • Mega mountains.
  • Leaf-shaped landforms.
  • Tentacle series.
  • Circuit planets.
  • Crab planets.
  • Jigsaw planets.
  • Multicolored planets.
  • Honeycomb planets.
  • Tennis ball planets
  • Planets with eyeballs.
  • Atoll planets.
  • Scaly planets (with one part a big rise of what looks like a snake). This is not a rattlesnake storybook planet even though it feels like a different version of it.
  • Stitches planets. These may lose the effect if you terraform it. For some T0 planets, this kind of looks like a baseball or softball.

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