The Urglbrgl are a Maxis-made creature, present in the final game. Only present as a Space Stage species, the Urglbrgl are green bipedal lizards with many cybernetic enhancements including their arms, spines, the armour on the underside of their tails, and more armour on their heads and legs.

An entire theme of buildings and vehicles possessing the Urglbrgl name. The buildings generally have a round checkerboard base and many blue tubes, while the vehicles are all dark blue with orange details and darker blue windows.

  • City hall: Urglbrgl
  • House: Urglbrgl Docking Station
  • Entertainment: Urglbrgl Floating Chamber
  • Factory: Urglbrgl Fluid Station
  • Land Vehicle: Urglbrgl G16
  • Sea Vehicle: Urgl B7z6
  • Air Vehicle: Urg B5L7
  • Spaceship: Urglbrgl B-X5

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