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This page contains several different references to the history of the Spore Galaxy as found in various Artifacts, and tries to build up a speculative history from them.

Species Edit

Conventional species Edit


The "Frogs" are an amphibian species; their real name is unknown. One ancient individual was named Pierre. The entire statue of him, including the stone it sits on, survives. Some individuals survived the downfall of their civilisation, building new societies such as Adventure Town.


The Hinkles were a mammalian race which had variously two, three or four eyes. The name "Hinkle" may only have referred to one tribe. Oogies may have originated on the Hinkle homeworld, as the Hinkles knew about Oogies but did not usually eat them raw.

Hinkles have had statues made of them include the two-eyed Yaman ("bloodthirsty savage of the Fertile Plains and lover of fine music"; had a bust made) and the three-eyed Little Lee (worked in the sewers; had a statue of the upper torso made). Furthermore, the Hinkle known as Todd had a mask (also known as "Roarty's Rage") which, according to legend, caused wearers to "think only linearly and to produce mass amounts of charts, documents and data in an organised fashion".

Asteroidal Dumaxx may have been a Hinkle; he wrote a famous novel, "The Three Cricketeers", which appears to have involved three Oogies.


The Masaari are known only from statues in the possession of Quadrupeds. One statue of a Masaari is claimed to be Steve while another is said to be that of the founder of a Quadruped city.


The Moozilla had a chest that, according to legend, contains a secret that "will grant knowledge to transcend time and space". Non-sapient Moozillas survived the downfall of their civilisation.


The "Quadrupeds" are a low-stat species whose real name is unknown. Two Quadrupeds named Kippy are known, One-Eyed and Two-Eyed; the former of which had a statue made of him. Many individuals survived the downfall of their civilisation, some living in places such as Adventure Town and others founding new societies.


The Screebles have been described as "arguably the greatest civilisation in the universe". They were probably the most influential empire in the Spore Galaxy. "The History of Spore", Sporehenge, and the Treasured Items appear to be of Screeble origin, while it is known that they also built 18 pillars at the foot of the Halactacon Mountains - presumably on one of their planets, if not their homeworld - to welcome pilgrims seeking freedom from mathematical oppression. The only remains of the pillars, Screeble's Column, is claimed to be all that remains of the Screeble empire, although the presence of a Screeble's face on the Treasured Plate shows this to not be the case. Non-sapient Screebles also survived the downfall of their civilisation.


The Spurgs or Arkatians were a one-armed species known for being the first species to invent the two-handled jug. The creature Grumbum, with lips so long "he could kiss his own feet" was a creature of Arkatian legend; his biography, written on scrolls, was rejected for publishing and placed in a Spurg urn.

Lamstein, One-Armed Finnegan and Quimby may have been Spurgs, although only the leg and arms respectively of their statues survive (or maybe in the latter two cases, ever existed); Quimby's even lacks the writing device that the hand once clasped, although Finnegan's remains holding the Torch of Chalmers.


This may involve the conflation of multiple species.

The species of Xenogg had avian or chelonian heads and insectoid feet. Xenogg was ruled by several monarchs during its time. The Fourth, Bradford, had a bust made of him, and was always kind to his mother; the Twelfth, Rabban Ankott, had at least eight wives. Another individual was Povey, of whom the only remaining references relate to a statue of his foot.

Unconventional or enigmatic species Edit

"Obelisk builders"

This species built the large stone structures found on some planets, apparently hundreds of millions of years before the Present Age.


Humanoid "Oracle statues" are known to be in possession of one Quadruped; however, the actual Oracles appear to be glowing, gaseous entities.


The rock in which Will's sword is held within has been claimed to be the corpse of "King Rocky the Rock, Rock King of Rocktopia". The Rocktopians were apparently a lithoid species.


The Xyanxes were a species from the Girdo Galaxy who were fond of Pink Geodes.

Individuals of unknown species Edit

  • Blue Dragon
    • Lived on Dardonella 5
    • Slain
    • Had scales
  • Blue Giant
    • A tyrant
    • Died after the Battle of Xallox
  • Dr. S. Fuchs
    • Discovered the Fuchsia Geode
  • Will
    • A barbarian warrior during the Fruit Wars

Other References Edit

  • Dardonella 5
    • The home, and presumably the location of the slaying, of the Blue Dragon
  • Fruit Wars
    • Tribal warfare
    • In one battle, the barbarian Will stuck a sword into a stone and used it to defeat his enemy's army
  • Battle of Xallox
    • Resulted in the death of the Blue Giant

Religons in Spore Edit

  • Crazy Slaughter Cult
    • Attack innocent colonies; Shamans ask you to help eradicate them
  • Ecology
    • Belief in a universal Life Force
  • Shamanism
    • Worship of the God That Will Come; belief in many other spiritual beings
    • Includes the Savvy Zxxon Monks (who can help Shamans defeat religious extremists if their eradication missions are declined) and the Teachers Who Are Still Loitering Around (who have the "Items That Went Ahead" from "Worlds That Are Not Yet Gone" placed by "Those Who Went Before" delivered to them)
  • Zealotry
    • Worship of Spode; belief in a host of minor angelic and demonic creatures
  • The Source is apparently worshipped by many pre-Space Stage civilisations

Speculative History Edit

First Age

The first race appears and spreads life across the Spore Galaxy. The life-hating Grox arise either as descendants or creations of the first race. The last member of the first race, Steve, hides in the galactic core. There are several possibilities for all of this, not all details of which are mutually exclusive:

  1. Humans create/colonise the Spore Galaxy and also create the Grox (and possibly other species). The Grox turn on the Humans and destroy them. In their last act, the Humans spread primitive multicellular life across the galaxy in the hope that, in the future, spacefaring descendants of these lifeforms would destroy the Grox and avenge the extinction of the Human race.
  2. Crogenitors colonise the Spore Galaxy and spread life across it, and after winning the war against the Darkspore, eventually (perhaps by accident) create the Grox.
  3. About one billion years before the present age, half a billion years after land-dwelling life first appears on one planet, the first sapient species appears. They terraform much of the galaxy and eventually disappear, allowing the life that they seeded to have their own independent destinies.
Grox Age

The Grox have undisputed dominance over the galaxy. The rest of the galaxy is non-spacefaring, except for a few entities such as the Sporelings and Gar' skuther.

Present Age

Eight species, including the Screebles, form an alliance, and each empire becomes one of the eight Archetypes. One or two other species may also have been part, if Knight and/or Wanderer were also included. 6500 years before the player's species becomes spacefaring, common features of galactic society - sectons and parsecs as standard measurements, sporebucks as currency, the Lapis Lazuli mining industry, sports such as SporeBall and cricket, religions, livestock such as oogies and spoffits, and diseases such as oogie fever and the infection - become established across the galaxy.

Soon, the Screebles become the greatest civilisation in the galaxy's history, but they and the rest of the alliance are brought down by the Grox. Some individuals survive, either as non-sapient creatures or primitive civilisations.

Finally, the next generation of species, including the player's, becomes spacefaring.

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