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Hooray , my Darkspore creation thingies!

Heroes Edit

Enkas, the Venom Lady Edit

CRE Enkas, The Venom Lady-0b1debeb sml

Bio Ravager from Verdanth

Once a simple huntress on the lush world of Verdanth, Enkas soon found her prey slaughtered in gruesome ways.The cause was soon found to be the Darkspore, the vile mutants were spreading their conquest to yet another planet. Enkas fought the Darkspore as they attacked, but their numbers soon overwhelmed her. Forced from her home, Enkas believed the civilization of Verdanth could hold off the Darkspore. She was wrong.

Civilians were being captured and mutated before Enkas eyes, a truly horrible sight. Enraged, Enkas hunted down the Darkspore lieutenant commanding the attack on the civilians. The Darkspore minions would never forget the horrific scene they saw.

Grash, the Jungle Creep Edit

CRE Grash, the Jungle Creep-0b1debec sml

Bio Sentinel from Verdanth

Grash was always known as a Verdanthi hero. The beast had always had an appetite for threats to her homeworld, up to, and including alien invasion. But when the Darkspore invaded Verdanth, Grash had gone into a state of deep hibernation.

Her sleep would not last forever, however, as the Crogenitor Astra saw how useful she could be to fight the Darkspore, and awoke her from her sleep. Granting Grash the powers of acid, Astra guided Grash in the direction of the Darkspore infestation.

Finding a native being harrased by a Darkspore, Grash pounced forward and devoured the mutant in a single gulp.

Asp, the Herbal Menace Edit

CRE Asp, the Herbal Menace-0b1debed sml

Bio Tempest from Verdanth

In the dark swamps of Verdanth, a sage known as Asp dwelled. Living a hermit like existence, Asp had discovered how to harness and cure the worst diseases known on Verdanth using herbal medicines. Despite such abilities, Asp was shunned by the inhabitants of his world.

When the Darkspore invaded Verdanth, Crogenitor Astra tasked Asp with the task of attempting to harness the mutations and find a cure. Because eDNA is not a virus, no cure could be found, and Asp found himself attacked by the horde. But Asp would not give up, he fought the mutants with the plagues he had created. Seeing a chance to be accepted into the world, Asp created two guns, one designed to launch plagues, one designed to launch antidotes.

Spreading a plague amongst the invading hordes, Asp managed to make serious blows to the Darkspore. Yet one hero was not enough, he had to co-operate with other insurrectionists.

XKCD, the Computerised Scourge Edit

Cyber Ravager from Infinity

XKCD was once a strategist AI, designed to think up strategies for combat. Most of the strategies worked, but when asked to find a strategy to combat the growing Darkspore infestation, he failed miserably. Angered, his masters purged him from their computers.

Feeling sympathy for the AI, Crogenitor Suzu re-strung his coding, and placed it inside a mechanical body, so he may take part in the fight to destroy the Darkspore. XKCD, among various other Crogenitor soldiers, established a front to stop the spreading horde. Despite their best efforts, the front was smashed and most soldiers killed in a massacre.

Whilst fleeing, XKCD learned of an ability he had gained from his recreation, he could download parts of his software into enemy Cyber Darkspore, deleting the infection inside and taking control of its body. The Darkspore were about to suffer major loses...

B-17, the Fighting Fortress Edit

Cyber Sentinel from Infinity

Originally a machine designed to do maintenance on high places, B-17 was shot down by a group of radical separatists. Crogenitor Suzu found the remains and used the machine as the basis for a new combat machine.

His creation used flight as its main advantage. B-17 was designed to fly over its foes, and then destroy then with a spay of machine gun fire, from guns equipped by Suzu. The resulting machine was an unstoppable fighting fortress.

When the Darkspore attacked Infinity, B-17 was dispatched to the front lines to fight them. Resisting attacks with it strong armour, B-17 tore a hole in the invading forces, but not enough to stop the invasion. B-17 vowed that she would continue to force the Darkspore to waste hundreds of their lives trying to destroy her, a price b-17 was willing to pay.

YAL-1, the Laser Defense System Edit

Trans, the Nightmare Hunter Edit

Gargantuar, the Undead Monstrosity Edit

Phantom, the Blood Drinker Edit

Rupt, the Volcano Spawn Edit

Morbius, the Plasma Demon Edit

Ohika, the Scacred Flare Edit

Electra, the Photon Fighter Edit

Nuclos, the Gluon Tank Edit

Dura, the Chonon Mage Edit

Minions Edit

Killer Kordycep Edit

Psychotic Cymode Edit

Wicked Wisp Edit

Plasma Hound Edit

Quantum Tunneller Edit

Lieutenants Edit

Problematic Root Edit

Iron Hand Edit

Polymorphic Pyromaniac Edit

Moon Howler Edit

Tachyon Terror Edit

Bosses Edit

Napos, Infester of Ecology Edit

Pseudorex, Prince of Prosthesis Edit

Tychos, the Hypernova Edit

Hmayn, the Cryptic Dream Edit

Phlogistos, the Positronic Brain Edit

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