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Quote ThingsEdit

LequianPC "The technology of these quote box things is quite useful. I must congradulate the one who made it, I think that would be Master Kroc, of the Krassio."



I stole this from the history of one of the Valaders page. Whoo!


The strange spacial anomaly of the Lequian homeworld is a pretty magnificent miracle of nature, since its a planet very close to its sun, yet stil T3. The Defensive System's Bloc capitol is also one of the most powerful strongholds in the Milky Way galaxy, sharing similitude with Mirenton in military aspects, Votch is the pride of the Lequian culture, this planet became famous after the DSB received many planets into their own in the aftermath of the Cold War of the Krassio and Xhodocto.

The Lequian homeworld has the home of the DSB council, from the the vast Bloc defended and administrated, the current population is actually not defined, but its sure that the Lequians surpass the alien population for a minimum due to the refugees.

Votch is currently open since diplomatic affairs are growing, and also because the mining and commercial minerals of the Lequians are very famous, and many other factions buy their mining goods.

Stuff Edit

A bit of an eye sore but it'll do.

Yes, that will do nicely.

Yes... I think.

I would like the blue and white colours to be reversed, but the clicked link would be hard to see against blue. Otherwise good.

Oh, JA!

An eyesore, cuz it wuz meant to be.

Finally got this done.

Layout Edit

Largely based on Cyrannians neat and tidy pages, so thank and credit to him.

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Infobox Edit

CreatorLiquid Ink
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Tier levelx
Kardashev Scalex
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Governing body
Main leadersx
Founding membersx
First ruler(s)x
Main speciesx
Date of Formationx
Date of Dissolutionx

Ink in all its Forms! Edit

Oh my.
Liquid InkAdded by Liquid Ink

Liquid Ink Edit

Gaseous Ink Edit

Solid Ink Edit

Fluid Ink Edit

Superfluid Ink Edit

Crystalline Ink Edit

Plasma Ink Edit

Supersolid Ink Edit

Degenerate Ink Edit

String-Net Liquid Ink Edit

Quark-Gluon Plasma Ink Edit

Liquid Crystal Ink Edit

Vampires Edit

Comparing me and Wormy's vampire idea to these tables here. This only applies to Lesser Vampires, the Great Vampires will be a bit different. Wormy, if you want to make a change tell me on the conversation we've been having.

Appearance Edit

  • Skin Colour: Pale
  • Fangs: Yes
  • Reflection: Yes
  • Shadow: Yes
  • Attractiveness: Ordinary

Weaknesses Edit

  • Stake: Fatal
  • Sunlight: Nocturnal
  • Decapitation: Fatal
  • Drowning: Fatal
  • Fire: Yes
  • Silver: No
  • Garlic: Off putting
  • Holy Symbols: No
  • Running Water: Off putting
  • Invitation: No
  • Arithromania: Yes
  • Other:

Supernatural Powers Edit

  • Immortal: No
  • Enhanced Strength: Yes
  • Enhanced Senses: No
  • Enhanced Speed: Yes
  • Unnatural Healing: Yes
  • Flight: Some
  • Shapeshifting: No
  • Psychic Powers: Yes
  • Telekinesis: No
  • Pyrokinesis: No
  • Other: Dark Energy

Reproduction and Feeding Edit

  • Fertile: Yes
  • Reproduce via Bite: With Venom
  • Reproduce via Transfusion: No
  • Reproduce via Consumption of Vampire Blood after Bite: No
  • Inhabited by Demons: No
  • Diet: Only own species' blood
  • Effects on Victims: Fatigue
  • Other:

Setting Characteristics Edit

  • Progenitor: Great Vampires
  • Source:
  • Dracula: No
  • Supernatural Creatures: No
  • Non-Vampire Lovers: Yes
  • Rest in Coffins: Whatever floats their boat
  • Vampire Society or Organisations: The Blood Swarm
  • Known to [Regular] society: Yes, to an extent

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