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In each of the colloborative universes, I have a total of nine main civilizations. There are sometimes additional ones, but they lack any real significance next to the Nine. They all slot nicely into the standard alignment chart.

Liquid Alignment

Fiction Universe

Defensive System's Bloc Edit


The Defensive System's Bloc is an economic, political and military union located primarily within the middle of the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, although it does have territorial claims and members within the Milky Way's satellite galaxies and the Andromeda galaxy.

The DSB started as a military alliance between the Lequian Star Empire, the Kirgle Holy Empire, the Quinals Republic andthe Gnosh Imperium to fight the invading hordes of the Zarni Imperium. After the Zarni surrendered and fled, the allianced evolved from a military co-operation pact into an economic and later political union, evolving into the Defensive System's Bloc known today.

Venhokwe Oligarchy Edit

Venhokwe Flag

The Venhokwe Oligarchy is a trans-universal nomadic society of ultraterrestrials that are currently wandering the multiverse, trying to resolve conflict where ever they find it.

The Venhokwe Oligarchy started as a peaceful hyperpower that resided in the Andromeda Galaxy billions of years ago. Unfortunately, they were unprepared for invasion by another superpower, The Sequence. Due to having only a few Essence-Mages as a military, the Venhokwe lost much to The Sequence. They eventually developed decent weapons from mining equipment, and fought the Sequence to destruction. However, the Venhokwe were racked with collective guilt, and the entire Oligarchy committed mass suicide by diving into a black hole. However, the black hole was in fact a worm hole that lead to another universe. The Venhokwe decided to utilise the power of trans-universal travel travel the mutliverse, trying to resolve conflict where ever they find it, to bring peace to the whole of reality.

Vermulan Autonomy Edit

Liberated Zarni Sodality Edit

Mechanovirus Edit

Iron Bloc Edit

Krytyczny Discontinuity Edit

Ravon Syndicate Edit

Greater Zarni Empire Edit


Mirror Universe

Vermulan Honour Guard Edit

Vermulan Honour Guard

The Vermulan Honour Guard is an elite military force used by the Gigaquadrantic Hegomony to guard the Emperor and other such individuals and locations.

The Vermulans were created from the remains of humans that remained after the Orion Gridfire incident. The purpose of their creation was to create a physically superior and mentally superior species. Opinions very between Hegemony officials as to whether this was a success. None the less, the Empress at the time approved of the Vermulans, and established them as the official Honour Guard of the Hegemony.

Imperial State of Corvidar Edit

Lequian Nether Union Edit

O.R.I.G.I.N. Corporate Edit

Mechanovirus Edit

Masaari Inquisition Edit

Sovereign Military Order of Kavideon Edit

Venhokwe Brotherhood Edit

Krytyczny Oblivion Edit

All Fictions Edit

Prime Universe Edit

  • Aepox Papacy (Reformed into DSB)
  • Alpha-Kolos Alliance (Active, Protectorate of DSB)
  • Ape Stratocracy (Active, Protectorate of DSB)
  • The Aquarium (Destroyed)
  • Aquatic Remnant (Merged with DSB)
  • Ashonas Technocracy (Reformed into Iron Bloc)
  • Avidactyl Alliance (Merged with DSB)
  • Bordooshio Commonwealth (Reform into DSB)
  • Bylloddi Patriarchy (Merged with DSB)
  • Celen Host (Merged with DSB)
  • Civers Rascal (Reformed into DSB)
  • Componotite Nest (Merged with DSB)
  • Crawlga County (Merged with DSB)
  • Cheronex Host (Merged with DSB)
  • Chronian Socialist Republic (Merged with DSB)
  • Defensive System's Bloc (Active)
  • Dragoozi Democratic Republic (Active, Protectorate of DSB)
  • Gnosh Imperium (Reformed into DSB)
  • Goulgan Coalition (Reformed into DSB)
  • Greater Zarni Empire (Active)
  • Grombon Piracy (Active, Vassal of GZE)
  • Helapmak Kingdom (Active, Vassal of GZE)
  • Homarian Regency (Merged with DSB)
  • Iron Bloc (Active, Protectorate of Cyrannian Empire)
  • Javling Mandate (Merged with DSB)
  • Jaylanth Republic (Merged with DSB)
  • Jigoku Ecology (Active, Protectorate of DSB
  • Jimboian Combine (Active, Protectorate of DSB)
  • Kasmos Order (Merged with DSB)
  • Keatani Tribe (Merged with DSB)
  • Kirgle Holy Empire (Reformed into DSB)
  • Krytyczny Discontinuity (Active)
  • Lequian Star Empire (Reformed into DSB)
  • Liberated Zarni Sodality (Active, Protectorate of DSB)
  • Litorian Barony (Merged with DSB)
  • New Kalmar Union (Merged with DSB)
  • The Mechanovirus (Active)
  • Muy Muy Internet (Merged with DSB)
  • Nommonator Order (Active, Protectorate of DSB)
  • Omehvedruo Governate (Merged with DSB)
  • Orion Syndicate1 (Active, Vassal of Ravon Syndicate)
  • Ovikion Coalition (Merged with DSB)
  • Piranhan Dominion (Merged with DSB)
  • Quinals Republic (Reformed into DSB)
  • Ravon Federative Syndicate (Active, Protectorate of DSB)
  • Rowatawn Soverignty (Merged with DSB)
  • Septapode Community (Merged with DSB)
  • Skrunette Congregation (Active, Vassal of GZE)
  • S.K.U.T.H.E.R. Imperium (Destroyed)
  • Solkarda Tyranny (Reformed into GZE)
  • Stomino Republic (Merged with DSB)
  • Tlucco Occult (Merged with DSB)
  • Tribe of Gar (Destroyed)
  • Trichordate Union (Merged with DSB)
  • Tursion Mandate (Active, Vassal of GZE)
  • United Ring (Merged with DSB)
  • Vamaridian Tripartite Union (Active, Vassal of GZE)
  • Vanear Consortium (Merged with DSB)
  • Varanian State (Merged with DSB)
  • Venhokwe Oligarchy (Active)
  • Vermulan Autonomy2 (Active)
  • Woloton Commonwealth (Merged with DSB)
  • Wurbles Commune (Reformed into DSB)
  • Zarni Imperium (Reformed into Solkarda Tyranny)

Universe 665010-NHCDB673-886 † Edit

  • Corenjar Covenant (Merged with DSB)
  • Crioles Empire (Merged with DSB)

"Distorted Reflection" Universe Edit

  • Delpha Resistance (Active)
  • Greater Cognatus Alliance (Active)
  • Grox Meta-Dominion (Active)
  • Lequian-Zarni Diarchy (Active)
  • Neraida Petamatrix (Active)
  • Tokzhalan Group Mind (Active)
  • Vermulan Autonomy2 (Active)

Mirror Universe Edit

  • Imperial State of Corvidar (Active, Subject of Gigaquadrantic Hegemony)
  • Krytyczny Oblivion (Active)
  • Lequian Nether Union (Active, Subject of Gigaquadrantic Hegemony)
  • Lequian Union (Reformed into Lequian Nether Union)
  • Masaari Alliance (Reformed into Masaari Inquisition)
  • Masaari Inquisition (Active)
  • The Mechanovirus (Active)
  • O.R.I.G.I.N. Corporate (Active)
  • Ravon Cabal (Reformed into Imperial State of Corvidar)
  • Sovereign Military Order of Kavideon (Active)
  • Venhokwe Brotherhood (Active)
  • Vermulan Honour Guard (Active, Subject of Gigaquadrantic Hegemony)
  • Zarni Republic (Reformed into SMOoK)
  • Zylok Lovefest (Destroyed)

Fantasy Universe Edit

  • The Abomination of Anochnach (Active)
  • Emirate of Dukatt (Active)
  • The Festering (Active)
  • Garaki League (Active)
  • Grand Duchy of Mindaria (Active)
  • Kingdom of Mydar (Active)
  • Netherdom of Black Leaves (Active)
  • Phfiion Empire (Active)
  • Vermite Matriarchy (Active)

Notes Edit

  1. Fanfiction
  2. Multiversal civilisation

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