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The Day I Learnt Oluap Was A Troll Edit

[16:16] <Xho> Ah I remember that name of that bot now

[16:16] <Xho> Companion Cube

[16:16] <Xho> That bot is a real dick to me sometimes

[16:16] <@OluapPlayer> It's funny

[16:16] <@OluapPlayer> Because it was me who suggested that name in the Steam forums

[16:17] <@OluapPlayer> So I named that bot

[16:17] <Xho> Oh you slag

[16:17] <LotG> LOL

[16:17] <@OluapPlayer> I named two bots

[16:17] <@OluapPlayer> Companion Cube and Gentlemanne of Leisure

[16:17] <Xho> Gentlemanne of Leisure? Oh god

[16:17] <Xho> That one is also an ass to me

[16:17] <@OluapPlayer> lul

The Consquences Of Being Fertile Edit

[23:28] <Xho> Lezia's is by far the scariest

[23:29] <Xho> Actually

[23:29] <Xho> Come to think of it

[23:29] <Xho> That's normal

[23:29] <@Cyrannian> lol

[23:29] <@OluapPlayer> Tyraz sees that face all night

[23:30] <@OluapPlayer> "Time to make a second Kezoreg!"

[23:30] <@Cyrannian> 0_0

[23:30] <Xho> I'm not even dignifying that with a "O.o"

[23:31] <@Cyrannian> Lezoreg!

[23:31] <Xho> No wonder Tyraz is so grumpy

[23:31] <@OluapPlayer> Hey look Angazhar, you have two sons now

[23:31] <@Cyrannian> With more Asgord qualities then Zazane.

[23:32] <Xho> Angazhar - *Grabs Tyraz* STERILISATION

[23:32] <@OluapPlayer> lolol

Oluap's Response to Nudity Edit

[00:40] <@Cyrannian> OluapPlayer: It is from the Annihilation.

[00:40] <The_Randomness> Them bots

([00:40] <Xho> I think Morgoth welcomed me)

[00:40] <@OluapPlayer> Annihilation

[00:41] <@OluapPlayer> destroy the omniverse

[00:41] <@OluapPlayer> Ravenrii get nude

[00:41] * OluapPlayer shakes head

Best. Answer. Ever. Edit

[22:52] <Xho> So

[22:52] <Xho> What would happen if there was an object of infinite mass

[22:53] <@OluapPlayer> Stuff would happen


[15:57] <Wormy> I get the sense adds follow me about on the net

[15:58] <Wormy> wEIrD

[15:58] == Ghelae_away has changed nick to Ghelae

[15:58] <Wormy> Its a...

[15:58] <Xho_Away> cat

[15:58] <Wormy> My famous line **drum rolls**

[15:58] <Wormy> Damn You. I forgot now

[15:58] <Xho_Away> olololol

What is this I don't even Edit

[17:58] * Technobliterator removes chuck norris from time

[17:58] <@OluapPlayer> *Duke Nukem kills Chuck Norris*

[17:58] * Technobliterator removes duke nuken from time

[17:58] <@OluapPlayer> You can't remove BALLS OF STEEL

[17:58] * Ghelae slaps Technobliterator, Xho, Chuck Norris and Duke Nukem simultaneously, even though the latter two had been removed from time

[17:58] <Tybusen> *Mr. T appears and repeatedly whacks Xho with a baseball bat*

[17:59] * Technobliterator slaps Ghelae harder

[17:59] * Technobliterator removes mr t from time

[17:59] * Ghelae slaps Technobliterator even harder

[17:59] * Technobliterator removes Ghelae from time

[17:59] * OluapPlayer deletes Time

[17:59] <Tybusen> *Chuck Norris reappears*

[17:59] * Technobliterator resores time

[17:59] * MasterMachine laumches a planet buster and blows earth out of existance, watching safely from his space ship in orbit above.

[17:59] * Technobliterator bans oluap

[17:59] * OluapPlayer unbans himself

[17:59] * Technobliterator can do that too

[17:59] * Ghelae recreates the Earth, returns himself and Mr. T to time, and gives Mr. T an even better baseball bat

[18:00] * Ghelae shoots down MasterMachine's spaceship

[18:00] * Technobliterator prevents Ghelae from doing s

[18:00] * Xho thinks this is fucked up

That's Just Nasty Edit

[23:13] <@OluapPlayer> ssssss

[23:13] <@OluapPlayer> ~eat Xho

[23:13] * infobot slurps up all the Xho available

[23:13] <Xho> That's just nasty

[23:13] <@OluapPlayer> lol

Yep, Um Is Definitely Evil Edit

[00:54] <@Cyrannian> Now, LotG. About my payment...

[00:54] <LotG> olol


[00:54] <@Cyrannian> Your first born son! Bwahahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!

[00:54] * Xho drags Kezoreg to hell

[00:55] <@Cyrannian> 0_0

[00:55] <Xho> Too late

[00:55] <Xho> :trollface:

[00:55] <@Cyrannian> How did you know I was going to say that?

Never walk in the way of a troll line Edit

[01:18] <Xho> If Vampires are dead

[01:19] <Xho> That means their heart is not beating

[01:19] <Xho> If their heart is not beating

[01:19] <Xho> They aren't pumping blood

[01:19] <Xho> If they're not pumping blood

[01:19] <Xho> Vampires cannot get erections

[01:19] <Xho> Therefore,

[01:19] <Xho> Vampire trolling

[01:20] <LotG> No, tahts a Zazane warrior

[01:21] <Xho> Zazane warriors are like vampires, then?

The Hivemind Expands Edit

[01:46] <@OluapPlayer> Xho eats cats

[01:46] * Cyrannian eats Xho's cat

[01:46] <@OluapPlayer> Xho is Zillum

[01:46] <@OluapPlayer> Cyrannian is Zillum

[01:46] <Xho> D: OH NO YOU DIDN'T

[01:46] <@OluapPlayer> Xho is Cyrannian

[01:46] <Xho> That means

[01:46] <Xho> OluapPlayer is Xho

[01:46] <Xho> OluapPlayer is Cyrannian

[01:46] <@Cyrannian> dun dun duuunnnnn

[01:46] <Xho> HIVEMIND

[01:46] <@OluapPlayer> NUUUUU

I haz pokemon Edit

[16:30] <Xho> I need a name for da Phoenix

[16:31] <Xho> I'll do it the way the people name Pokemon

[16:31] <Xho> Type in random letters and then random vowels

[16:31] <Xho> I haz pokemon

[16:32] <@OluapPlayer> lol

[16:33] <Xho> sdltl

[16:33] <Xho> Hmm

[16:33] <Xho> Sodalatel

[16:33] <Xho> See it works

[16:33] <Xho> I haz pokemon

[16:34] <@OluapPlayer> lul

I maek guud boolit Edit

[00:42] <SupcommMonroee> Ok I just got a 1900mm rifled barrel

[00:42] <SupcommMonroee> Now to shove you down the barrel

[00:42] <SupcommMonroee> Xho, get in!

[00:43] <Xho> but i'm ded

[00:43] <SupcommMonroee> NAO

[00:43] <Xho> but i'm ded!!

[00:43] <SupcommMonroee> NAUGH

[00:43] <Xho> Fine

[00:43] <esha_baby> :( my husband has only one foot

[00:43] * Xho gets in the barrel

[00:43] <SupcommMonroee> Hehehe

[00:43] * esha_baby cries

[00:43] <Wormy> Don't worry, they grow back

[00:43] <SupcommMonroee> Aiming at Esha

[00:43] <esha_baby> really? oh okay, all good then

[00:43] <SupcommMonroee> Ready... FIAH

[00:44] <esha_baby> Grandpapa thats so mean!!!!!


[00:44] * esha_baby ouch

[00:44] <SupcommMonroee> Quiet or I'll hit you with my ring hand

[00:44] <Xho> But now i'm a fleshy mess

[00:44] * Xho ded

[00:44] <SupcommMonroee> Xho, that was probably the best bullet whistle ever

[00:44] <Xho> Indeed

Outsmarted? I Think Not! Edit

[15:33] <@OluapPlayer> Cultist - Hey boss, what are we gonna do today

[15:34] <@OluapPlayer> Hez - ASDFASDFASDF *eats cultist*

[15:34] <Xho> Pretty much

[15:34] <@OluapPlayer> mental horseman

[15:35] <Xho> That's Angazhar silly

[15:35] * OluapPlayer was outsmarted

[15:36] <@OluapPlayer> Mental horse-man

[15:36] <@OluapPlayer> There, easier to identify

[15:36] * Xho was also outsmarted

[15:36] <@OluapPlayer> oohohohohoh

Lined up for a trollin' Edit

[19:19] <LotG> If there's something that should burn and rot under Angazhar's foot, its one word answers.

[19:19] <Xho_> Ok


[19:19] <Xho_> :trollface:

That's New Edit

[21:27] <Xho> ~gender

[21:27] <+infobot> I'm hermaphroditic

[21:27] <Xho> That's new

Admin Aboos Edit

[19:31] <@OluapPlayer> eek

[19:31] <@Xho> Oluap u sandvich

[19:31] <@OluapPlayer> Admin Xho

[19:31] <@OluapPlayer> aboos

[19:31] <@OluapPlayer> nein

[19:31] <@OluapPlayer> ~eat Xho

[19:31] * infobot slurps up all the Xho available

[19:31] <@Xho> ~eat Oluap

[19:31] <@OluapPlayer> yey

[19:31] * infobot slurps up all the Oluap available

[19:31] <@OluapPlayer> fffuuu

[19:31] <@Xho> :>

That's What She Said Edit

[23:58] <Catface> Nothing came easy!

[23:58] <Catface> Nothing came free!

[23:58] <Xho> That's what she said

[23:58] <Catface> loolz

Shoe and Pie Edit

[00:15] * Xho_ gets an umbrella

[00:15] <The_Randomness> Why an umbrella?

[00:15] <Xho_> Because I just can

[00:17] * OluapPlayer steals Xho_'s umbrella

[00:17] <@OluapPlayer> mien

[00:17] * Cyrannian steals the umbrella and flies away

[00:17] <Xho_> As you do

[00:17] <@OluapPlayer> Hivemind theft

[00:18] * The_Randomness watches as OluapPlayer turns into Rubberfruit

[00:18] <@Cyrannian> Mary Poppins taught me.

[00:18] <Xho_> HAO DIS HAPN

[00:18] * Xho_ is now a pah

[00:18] * OluapPlayer looks at The_Randomness with a Soldier derp face

[00:18] * The_Randomness is now a shoe

[00:19] <Xho_> RubberFruit, Pie and Shoe

[00:19] <Xho_> What a night this has been

[00:19] <@OluapPlayer> I blame Cyrannian

[00:19] <Xho_> Don't we all

[00:19] <@Cyrannian> So do I.

[00:19] <Xho_> C

[00:19] <@OluapPlayer> lol

Xho is Charlie Sheen Edit

[09:56] <Tybusen> I imagined the post-Revelation Xhoddies as... Something that mildly resembled a Xhodocto :P

[09:58] <Tybusen> Would you think that Xhoddies have tiger blood or Adonis DNA like Charlie Sheen?

[09:59] <Tybusen> ...Stupid question?

[10:00] <Xho> Replace the lyrics in that song from "Charlie Sheen" to "Angazhar" then you get your answer

[10:00] <Tybusen> Is that a "yes" then? :P

[10:01] <Xho> Yeah pretty much

[10:01] <Tybusen> It makes sense now

[10:01] <Tybusen> Xhodocto have tiger blood and Adonis DNA

[10:02] <Tybusen> Xhodocto are "winning"

[10:03] <Tybusen> And Xhodocto are connected to Earth but aren't from there ("I'm a total fricking rockstar from Mars")

[10:03] <Tybusen> Charlie Sheen is obviously a Xhodocto

[10:04] <Tybusen> Which means Xho is Charlie Sheen.

[10:04] <Xho> ^

Time Controlling Sandwich Edit

[21:13] <Gorf_Acolyte_1> Technobliterator: MAKE ME A SAMMICH

[21:14] * Technobliterator gives Gorf_Acolyte_1 a sandwich then reverses time and undoes this

[21:14] <Technobliterator> trolololol

[21:14] <Gorf_Acolyte_1> SSSSS

[21:14] <Gorf_Acolyte_1> Oh wait hold on

[21:14] <Gorf_Acolyte_1> I know what to do

[21:14] <Gorf_Acolyte_1> NOM NOM NOM *Turns Jo into a sammich*

[21:15] * Technobliterator reverses time

[21:15] <Gorf_Acolyte_1> Time Controlling Sandwich

[21:15] <Gorf_Acolyte_1> The horror

Hivemind-chat Edit

[19:11] <Xho> ~eat Oluap

[19:11] <+infobot> That's too disgusting.

[19:11] <Xho> sss

[19:11] <@OluapWorker> ~eat Xho

[19:11] <+infobot> That's too disgusting.

[19:11] <Xho> yey

[19:11] <@OluapWorker> fuk

[19:11] <Xho> ~eat Oluap

[19:11] * infobot eats Oluap and falls over dead

[19:11] <@OluapWorker> nein

[19:11] <@OluapWorker> ~eat Xho

[19:11] * infobot eats Xho and falls over dead

[19:11] <Xho> fuk

[19:12] <Xho> ~eat Oluap

[19:12] * infobot slurps up all the Oluap available

[19:12] <Xho> yey

[19:12] <@OluapWorker> ~eat Xho

[19:12] * infobot eats Xho and falls over dead

[19:12] <@OluapWorker> infobot y u combo breaker

[19:12] <Xho> y u break chain dam u

[19:12] <Xho> I dunno if that's hivemind or not

[19:12] <Xho> Ah well

[19:12] <Xho> ~eat Oluap

[19:12] <+infobot> That's too disgusting.

[19:12] <@OluapWorker> ~smack Xho

[19:12] <Xho> fuk

[19:12] * infobot smacks Xho upside the head.

[19:12] <@OluapWorker> shup

[19:12] <Xho> double fuk

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