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An example of a spaceship

Vehicles in Spore are, like creatures, fully customisable by players. Vehicles are divided into land, sea and air vehicles in the Civilization Stage as well as spaceships in the Space Stage. In the Civilization stage, the majority of the players interactions, such as War, setting up trade routes to buy other cities and religious conversions are conducted by vehicles. In the Space Stage, planetary vehicles have a less important role though can still be customised in the City editor and seen roaming planets throughout the Spore Galaxy. Vehicles in Spore are made in the Vehicle editor and can be viewed in the Vehicle section in the Sporepedia.


There are three categories of vehicles: Land, Sea and Air, with each having different terrains they can get to, and are also divided and split into Economic, Religious and Military, depending on the specialty of the city they were created in. There is a limit to the amount of vehicles built, which is based on the amount of housing in the city of it's specialty. See the vehicle editor for more details.


Land Vehicle1

An example of a land vehicle with a Spice balloon attached.

Ground vehicles are moved by wheels, tracks, jets, mechanical legs or float. These are the first method of interaction for civilizations on your own continent, and you start the civilization stage with the vehicle you designed. They are the only way of claiming Spice nodes on land. If creatures ever get in the way of a land vehicle they get run over and killed.


Sea Spice

A sea vehicle capturing an aquatic spice node.

Ocean-going vessels are available from any coastal city, and are, in essence, identical to ground vehicles with the major exception of the terrain they travel over. Sea vehicles are the only vehicle type able to claim aquatic spice nodes. Also, military sea vehicles fire homing missiles at their targets instead of a land vehicle's 'energy ball' - like shells.


Air Vehicle1

An example of an air vehicle

Air vehicles are unlocked in the civilization stage when you capture your fourth city. Air vehicles are unable to claim spice nodes, but can cross any terrain and are (generally) faster than land and sea vehicles.

Military air vehicles preform a sort of 'bombing' run when attacking; using a laser, the aircraft swoops over the target while firing one continuous beam. Also, if an air vehicle attempts to attack a creature, the creature will try and attack the air vehicle back by spitting at it if possible.

Note: Not purchasing a single aircraft in a game in the civilization stage will result in obtaining the Fear of Flying achievement.


The ultimate vehicle type is the spaceship. It is only built after you've conquered, destroyed or captured all other cities on your home planet, and it opens up the Space stage. The spaceship may only be used after the civilization stage, in the space stage. These vehicles may be seen in Creature and Tribal stages as well, but they will only abduct random creatures and plants, which may include a posse member if you have one near it.

Tips Edit

  • At the very beginning of the civilization stage, it can be useful to create vehicles with 100% speed to capture as many spice derricks as possible before other nations are formed, then switch them out for more powerful vehicles when the need to capture cities arises.
  • Military sea vehicles have very long range, which lets them attack cities without taking turret fire until they have to destroy buildings on the far side . As such, it is generally more useful to focus on damage instead of health when building them.

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