Darkspore Verdanth

Verdanth, as seen in Darkspore.

Darkspore Blitz on Grassland

The lush planet Blitz was seen running across during the "Squad and Abilities Trailer", was the first ever ingame image of Verdanth.

Darkspore BioBoss

Wraith, who his hidden behind the cloud of green poison, fighting Orcus, the Destroyer of Life.

Verdanth is a planet that is featured in the game, Darkspore. It is the third planet visited by the player. The planet is certainly a lush, green planet that was once covered in mega-cities and aquifer networks, but is now nothing but uninhabitable jungle. Cetain sectors of the planet are covered in ruins and anceint temple-like buildings from when the Verdanthis and Crogenitors still thrived on the planet. Necro enemies may lurk within these sectors. But some Plamsa enemies, and even a few Quantum enemies have been seen on Verdanth in some gameplay videos.

Heroes from Verdanth Edit

Verdanth's Primary Genesis Type Edit

Verdanth's primary genesis type is Bio. Bio deals with Plants, animals, fungi, poison, and healing abilities.

Trivia Edit

  • The planet's name is derived from the English word verdant (in turn derived from the Spanish word verde), meaning 'green'.

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