A Warp Spawner confronting Blitz.

Warp Spawners are Quantum shooters native to Zelem's Nexus. They were seen when Darkspore was first seen demonstrated.

Description Edit

Like the Sapphire Scorpiod, the Warp Spawner is able to shift partway into an alternate dimension, but they have mastered the art of doing this permanently. Thus the floating Warp Spawner is unfazed by area effect attacks, forcing genetic heroes to deal with them directly.

However they are not helpless against direct attacks, the Warp Spawner is able to spin rapidly and unleash a space distorting projectile that will warp any hero struck by it to a random nearby location.

Melee heroes will find a great deal of frustration awaiting them as, time after time, they're one step away from pounding a Warp Spawner when they find themselves suddenly far away again. Ranged heroes will find more success, and Sage is particularly effective as his dendrones will block the projectiles, teleporting here and there while Sage can freely unleash Rejuvenating Blasts.


((Note that these are from the Beta and may not apply in the Full game))

A Good way to deal with these tricky Darkspore and their mutated Epic leaders is to use Wraith,The specter of Vengeance as a Sentinel,His basic attack,Known as Suppressive Blow will employ the Suppress debuff on the Warp Spawner,rendering it unable to attack Wraith,and thus teleport him for sometime,Ir=t is recommended that this time is used to lifesiphon the enemy with Wraith or to go for an all out assault.

An Alternate Strategy to employ is to use a Tempest to deal ranged damage to the Warp spawner whilst avoiding it's projectiles,The Greater Resistance offered by this Class is also a Boon,and means that if you are hit you will be less likely to be teleported.Sage is a Brilliant hero to use for this as his Dendrone Pets will deal damage and often be teleported instead of Sage.

Trivia Edit

  • The mouths seen on the Warp Spawners in current images seem to be affected by the offputting graphical effects that come from using a radial mouth in that fashion in Spore.
  • The final version of the Warp Spawner has Flagella-like tentacles surrounding it's mouth.

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