Warriors take what they want and never ask for permission. The galaxy is a prize to be claimed by the strongest.

- In-game description

Warriors are considered fierce, robust, sometimes cruel and have a thirst for glory and bloodshed. To be a Warrior is to be a part of a force larger than yourself, to fight for glory from your empire and the respect and fear of other empires. You must prove yourself, both to you and your equals, to show that you were meant to be on the pedestal in the center of the galaxy as the reigning Empire.

Warrior Unique PowerEdit

The Warriors acquire the Raider Rally unique ability. Raider Rally can be used to instantly create a pirate portal to wreak havoc and create chaos on the planet you are currently over.

Interactions with PlayerEdit

Often times warrior AIs are hostile toward the player and other empires. The most notable beligerent act warriors do is demand tribute to avoid military conflict. Warriors start out with -15 relationship points if the game is played easy and -30 relationship points if played medium or hard.

Gaining The Warrior ArchetypeEdit

Through EvolutionEdit

The Warrior archetype is awarded to species that gain a majority of red cards, or reach Space from creature with the last stage finishing on red.

Behavior in the cell stage Behavior in the creature stage Behavior in the tribal stage Behavior in the civilization stage Resulting archetype
Herbivore Predator Aggressive Military Warrior
Omnivore Predator Aggressive Military Warrior
Carnivore Social Aggressive Military Warrior
Carnivore Adaptable Aggressive Military Warrior
Carnivore Predator Friendly Military Warrior
Carnivore Predator Industrious Military Warrior
Carnivore Predator Aggressive Religious Warrior
Carnivore Predator Aggressive Economic Warrior
Carnivore Predator Aggressive Military Warrior
Skipped Social Industrious Military Warrior
Skipped Adaptable Friendly Military Warrior
Skipped Predator Aggressive Military Warrior
Skipped Skipped Aggressive Military Warrior
Skipped Skipped Skipped Military Warrior

The recommended path could either be red-red-green-red or red-red-red-blue, depending on whether one wants extra spice or a relationship bonus in the Space Stage.

Through MissionEdit

First you must ally with an empire following this philosophy with a strength factor of 4 or 5, then you may request to become 'like' them from the mission interface. After paying §2,500,000, the mission given is to conquer 20 systems. Upon completion return to claim your reward and you will change your philosophy and associated archetype, losing your old superpower and gaining the Warrior's Raider Rally power.

Note that you may not conquer 20 systems and then automatically complete the mission upon its acceptance. You must accept and pay for the mission first, THEN conquer 20 systems.

Warrior's PhilosophyEdit

"The Warrior Empire is strong and powerful. The Philosophy of Force is the only choice. All other philosophies are weak.

Those that are strong enough to follow the Philosophy of Force will have the added power to call in a fighting force to attack their enemies."

Although Warriors and Knights both prefer to use force to interact with other Empires, it is obvious that Warriors would rather fight for their own intentions, unlike Knights who fight to 'clean' the galaxy from evil.

Reasons for Hating the GroxEdit

Warriors dislike the Grox, and see them as the ultimate military challenge. They also believe the Grox have 'no warrior spirit'.

Galactic AdventuresEdit

Warrior Tools

Warrior tools in Galactic Adventures.


  1. - Thug
  2. - Fighter
  3. - Mercenary
  4. - Sergeant
  5. - Lieutenant
  6. - Officer
  7. - Major
  8. - Colonel
  9. - General
  10. - Warlord

Campaign AdventureEdit

The Warrior campaign adventure is Infestation, where the player defends a helpless planet under attack from a Grox-caused infestation that wants to convert it.

Captain WeaponsEdit


Trivia Edit

  • Sometimes, after a "Destroy all Turrets" mission, the warrior empire will mention and speak fondly of their pet Oogie, notably in a non-aggressive way. They will state that the targeted empire stole their Oogie. "Little Oogie" is the animal you save in the Spore Creatures game for the Nintendo DS.
  • If you ask them about their philosophy, they will think it's because you're scared of them.
  • Their philosophy and voice is similar to the Klingons from Star Trek.
  • They often mention that their empire could defeat any other empire, but one, which obviously means the Grox.
  • Sometimes if you meet a Warrior empire, they will act like a grumpy, old man. For example, they might say, "Stay off of our lawns! And "Any frisbees we find we're keeping!"
  • Sometimes, if you fail a destroy turrets mission by hurting citizens or buildings, they will yell at you for hurting their friend that was captured.

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