Water is a liquid that occurs commonly throughout the Galaxy. It occurs in various different colours.

Cyan Water

Water in Spore.

Cell Stage Edit

The entire Cell Stage occurs in water, everything that occurs is happening within the ocean. Ocean currents in the water will speed up and carry cells and objects within its influence, but will slow down cells opposing the direction of flow.

Creature Stage Edit

At the beginning of the Creature Stage, the player's species emerges from the water. The player is capable of swimming in water, but deep water has its dangers. Very rarely, the player may see a Rogue creature take a drink of water. The player can neither drink nor drown in the water. Occasionally, a creature has a lake nearby where it lives. Creatures often live around the water's edge, providing a convenient source for allies and food. (If the player is an omnivore/carnivore). Sometimes NPC characters can be seen "taking a dip" in the water. For some odd reason, if you socialize with a creature while in the water, the animations for social abilities will be the same as if on land.

Tribal Stage Edit

In the Tribal Stage, the water offers supplies of Fish and Seaweed in certain locations along the coast, indicated by a fish symbol on the minimap, and a small pool full of hopping fish like creatures in the overworld.

Civilization Stage Edit

Water in the Civilization Stage is an expanse that can only be traversed by sea vehicles and aircraft. Spice geysers exist in the ocean.

Space Stage Edit

Water is fairly unimportant in the Space Stage. It does not serve any useful purpose besides as eye candy and decoration; similar to the in the Civilization Stage, spice geysers can also be present within a planet's ocean. Oceans of water can be created and coloured using Terraforming tools. Water can harm the player in the form of Whirlwinds which only exists on planets with a very dense atmosphere. Water planets are covered in water, and are therefore uninhabitable.

Cut Stages Edit

It is unknown what role water would have played in the Molecular Stage. Water would have surrounded the player in the Aquatic Stage. In the City Stage, water would have played the same as Civilization Stage

Galactic Adventures Edit

Water can be put into adventures and is very customisable. The colour of the water can be changed, along with its height. Increasing the water's temperature will turn it to lava (which can be set to damage the player), while decreasing the temperature will turn it to ice (which can be walked on).

Sea Monster Edit

The Sea Monster is a hazard in deep water that appears in the Creature Stage. A Sea Monster also appears in the Tribal Stage when the Flying Fish consequence ability is used while the Chieftain is hunting for fish. The Battered Feesh looks somewhat like the Sea Monster.
180px-Sea Monster Attacks

The Sea Monster Attacks!

Trivia Edit

  • In some planets, the water can be green, red, etc. but when the player is in the cell stage, the water is still blue. Even though when the player advance to Creature Stage, the water will turn back to the original water color in the planet.
  • Rogues arent the only ones to drink water. Though this is rare, species living beside the ocean or a small lake will start to drink.

See Also Edit

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