Mac OSXEdit

Some users prefer to run in windowed mode. While Spore's Settings window has a checkbox for Full Screen Mode, it does nothing on Mac. You can hit cmd-enter to switch, but the game doesn't remember it the next time you start up.

To make Spore always start up in windowed mode, you will need to manually edit a file. Go to your user folder, Library, Preferences, SPORE Preferences. Open the file named config in any text editor. Find a section marked with [sdldrv]. Change the line "Desktop" = "N" to "Desktop" = "1024x768". The Desktop value appears to set the maximum window size; only resolutions less than or equal to the Desktop will be available in the Graphics Settings panel. Thus, this should be set to the desktop resolution, though choosing a window size equal to the desktop size makes the window too large. Add a line "fullscreen" = "1". Save the file.

Note: After making this change, don't touch the Full Screen Mode checkbox. It still won't change screen mode, and seems to cause the game to crash.


On Windows, Spore remembers this setting simply by using the checkbox.

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