Darkspore Wraith

Official artwork of Wraith.

Darkspore Wraith

Wraith, as seen in the Squads and Abilities trailer.

Darkspore WraithPGN HD

Wraith in a Squad Deck.

Wraith-Necro sentinal

Wraith,or a variant of him,seen on the Darkspore Beta website

Wraith the Spectre of Vengeance, is a Necro Sentinel from Darkspore. He originates from Nocturna.

Revelation Edit

Wraith was first seen in a picture at Comic-con 2010. After undergoing some changes, he was officially revealed a few months later in the Squads and Abilities trailer.

Lore Edit

Before the Nocturni Legion attacked and enslaved his clan, Wraith was a necro-guardian, an energy-wielder who kept the balance between the biotic and necrotic energies of Nocturna.

For a century, Wraith had toiled in Nocturna’s eternal night, tending to the membrane that separated the realms of the living and the dead, a membrane ravaged into dangerous instability by the manipulations of Crogenitor Ingto.

But when the Nocturni Legion hauled away all his fellow energy-wielders and exterminated the spectres who dwelled beyond the membrane, Wraith fled deep into Nocturna's mines, surviving despite the intense necrotic forces that enveloped him. Mutated, Wraith became huge, immensely strong and seemingly invincible.

Emerging from the bowels of the mines, and at war with the Nocturni Legion, Wraith discovered and unleashed necrotic powers against his foes. He could become incorporeal, allowing projectiles to pass through him harmlessly. He could psychically project terror that weakened his enemies. And when the Darkspore toppled the Legion, Wraith fell upon them with even greater fury.

Abilities Edit

Suppressive Blow--(Basic Attack-Melee)--Wraith's Basic attack,He uses his axe to smash or slash at the target,this attack has a wide target range,simmilar to Goliath's attacks,but with the Added bonus of "Suppressing" the enemy,This prevents Enemies from acting,apart from using Melee attacks.Note that this effect only works on one enemy every 10 seconds.

Death's Embrace--(Special Attack-AOE Magic)--Wraith slams his axe's hilt into the ground summoning a spiral of spirits which deal heavy magic damage to enemies caught inside it's radius,Like most of Wraith's abilities it has a status condition added to it;Enemies caught in it's radius will be terrified and will run away from Wraith.Wraith's only true AOE attack and is good for Crowd Control. It can be used as a panic button when surrounded to simply overwhelmed by any number of melee or nearby ranged enemies, as it causes all nearby Darkspore to stop attacking and move away from Wraith, even most BOSSES. Combining this attack with a squad ability like Vex or Magnos's that puts Wraith right in the middle of a large cluster of enemies is a great way to severely cripple the majority of the confrontation.

Lifesiphon--(Special Attack-Leech magic)-- Wraith turns towards the target and begins sucking lifeforce from the target,in a Dementor like fashion.This will drain up to 100 hp over time,but must not be interrupted by attacks.One of Wraith's most useful abilities for PVE. By making a point of using this on the last enemy of every encounter, Wraith can keep his health up with ease.

Ghostform--(Squad abaility-Magic)--Transforms Wraith or the Hero that uses it into an incorporeal being,having a high chance of dodging attacks.Works for approximatly 5 seconds in the BETA.

Dread Visage--(Passive-Debuff)--Wraith's fearsome Appearence decreases enemy speed and attack strength by 13 points while they are in his radius,Like all Passives this abaility is used by members of Wraith's squad when in Overdrive,albeit in a Stronger form.

These are from the BETA and Subject to change.

Trivia Edit

  • In Scottish legend, a Wraith is a type of ghost or spirit. His "Ghost Form" ability is what gives him this name.
  • Wraith's earliest model was very similar to Magnos: bulkier and hunched over, and lacking his battle-axe.
  • Wraith is over 100 years old.
  • When using certain abilities Wraith screams,sounding like a banshee.

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