Zager Discovery

A creature exploring Zager.

Zager is a desert continent on Planet Tapti. It is home to several creatures that are all adapted to the desert environment.


The continent is hot and dry with relatively sparse vegetation. Some spots on it are so hot, that your creature will need special legs to walk on them. Zager contains many cliffs and mountains, and very few beaches. This is probably what causes the dry air. Many of its creatures are known to be nomadic.


The Skuzzalopes are odd creatures that feed on the various fruits of the reigon. The Microlopes are predators that are somewhat weak, and they either prey on old or young Skuzzalopes or scavenge the remains of other's prey. The Macroneers are the largest predators of Zager, but tent to be territorial instead of agressive. And the Taktos are the most vicious predators of the entire continent. They are native to Bowlketos and rarely wander up to the cliffs of Zager. But when they do, they wreak destruction on the Zager population. Even the Macroneers stay away from them.