Zarkhator is the main antagonist of Spore Hero. He emerged from the evil Red Meteor, and caused corruption across the Sporeling's planet.

Red meteor

One of Zarkhator's Red Meteors is on Creature Beach.

Story Edit

Zarkhator was born from the explosion that created the galaxy as was Sporeling. Zarkhator travels through the Galaxy destroying planets by corrupting them with red meteors, and Sporeling tries to save them.


The Crystal Meteors before landing on Sporeling's planet.

In the beginning, meteors of both colors (red & blue) spread throughout the galaxy due to an explosion. A blue one and a red one crash into a tropical planet. Zarkhator hatches from the red one, without help from anyone else, and quickly causes corruption and devastation on Sporeling's planet, while trying to fight off Sporeling.

In Mushroom Valley, Zarkhator attempts to crush Sporeling with a red meteor but only manages to corrupt the Big Chief.

He later ambushes Sporeling and fights in Moonlit Stoneway, but he loses.

In Mushroom Grove, he shape-shifts into a trustworthy form and feeds Sporeling Suwapootoo fruit, which are poisonous. He conspires with corrupted creatures to bring red meteors back to certain places.

Finally, Zarkhator tries to get to the planet's brain. He races against Sporeling to get to it, but loses. Zarkhator then manages to get to the heart of Sporeling's planet. He battles against Sporeling's three times, but loses to the Spor-o-mega.

Sporeling then uses its ability to evolve creatures to devolve Zarkhator into a harmless form. He is laughed at in his new form, and runs away. No one knows where Zarkhator goes after Sporeling transforms him.

These two beings are brothers, born from the galaxy, and when they die their bodies convert back into psychic energy and return into space for the cycle can begin again, and fall to a new planet.


Zarkhator goes through evolution just like Sporeling, although it is believed by some people that his entire species goes through six metamorphic phases.

First FormEdit

Baby Zarkhator

The first form of Zarkhator.

When Zarkhator first emerges from the meteor, he resembles a smaller version of his third form. He is born more powerful than Sporeling and is capable of pushing large red fragments with some difficulty. This form was seen in the opening video and the Mushroom Valley. His eyes are white when Zarkhator first hatches. They become red as he matures.

Second FormEdit

Zarkhator's second form has the body form of a humanoid. He has the Wareye eyes and the Slagjawed mouth. He's seen in the Mushroom Valley seen cursing Big Chief. This puts the Chief's mind into a trance and slowly hypnotized.

Third FormEdit

Zarkhator's third form It looks like a larger form of the first form, This form seen and fought in the Moonlit Stoneway.

Fourth FormEdit

Zarkhator's fourth form looks like the previous form, but has the Barracutie mouth and two extra arms, which may be retractable. This form was seen in the Moonlit Stoneway.

Fifth FormEdit

Zarkhator's fifth form resembles the third form but has the Soundersnout mouth. In this form he gains the ability to shape-shift into near-identical replicas of creatures, but he will still have the Wareye eyes and other "evil" looking details (ie: Monstrumtalons for hands). This form was seen in the Mushroom Grove. While in disguise, he gave Sporeling a Suwapootoo fruit. If Sporeling ate the poisonous fruit, the Sporeling would be taken back to its nest after drifting off into sleep. This is seen in the Mushroom Grove.

  • Note: This form is interchangeable with the fourth form.

Final FormEdit

Zarkhator's last form was the same as the previous one, but more muscular and with the Megachiraptora wings, Deathspikes, and the Beefteef mouth. This form was seen in the Creature Beach. This is the form Zarkhator is in when he is taken down once and for all. He participates with Sporeling in an epic battle at the heart of the planet. The hero has to beat him three times before Zarkhator is too weak to fight back anymore.

Cursed FormEdit

After defeating him, Sporeling evolves Zarkhator into a form that cannot harm the planet. This form's appearance is determined by the Sporeling, and can be seen just before the ending credits. It is actually possible to leave him as it is and he will still not be a threat.

Even if Zarkhator is not changed at all, he will still be humiliated and laughed at because of his loss and run off. The others will laugh at Zarkhator even if he does not look funny, stupid, or weak.

Unique Powers & AbilitiesEdit



  • The ability to summon red crystals may be a reference to Spacegodzilla.
  • Even if player make no alterations to Zarkhator's form after defeating him, he will still be laughed at.
  • Zarkhator is the first non-cybernetic Spore villain, unlike Gar' skuther and The Grox, both of which are cybernetic.
  • Zarkhator's final form color design is different in the game compared to the artwork. The reason why is because Spore Hero contains textures that are not found in the original Spore.
  • The multiple forms may be a reference to Resident Evil, or The Master from Doctor Who (similarly, he and the Doctor were of the same race, also).
  • Zarkhator's name sounds like "Zark Hater". Zark is a Deity in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".
  • When Zarkhator first hatches, his Wareyes are strangely white, not red. This may be a mistake, or because they are not Wareyes, but rather Blinkys.
  • Zarkhator never evolves an omnivorous mouth.
  • In the beta verson of Spore Hero, Zarkhator is seen as a Sporeling.