Darkspore ZelemandtheQuantums

Zelem (center) and his arsenel of carefully-selected genetic heroes. (Orion is to the right of Zelem)

Zelem is a character from Darkspore and was one of the 6 surviving Crogenitors. When the Darkspore invaded, he fled to the peaceful planet of Nakto. He was the greatest scientist and inventor on this world. He purposefully shattered the planets when he tried to build a portal to the planet's core. Zelem tried to make an artificial gravity field that would keep to pieces of the planet together, but he had difficulties getting the floating isles to not crash into each other or the gravity center. This "Gravity Wheel" was perfected by the Darkspore when they conquered Zelem's Nexus. Zelem can be seen when the player first goes to Zelem's Nexus, in a scene showing him and his Quantum heroes.

Zelem's Timeline Edit

From the time Zelem arrived on Nakto to the time he vanished, many events occured.

He set up a lab in which members of the indigenous races worked on teleporters to make travel between the Nexus easier and safer. However, Zelem was actually monitoring and observing the effects of radiation exposure on the lab workers. One day, a mechanic named Vex, started up a teleporter device and accidentally teleported himself into the very enclave of Zelem himself. Horrified by the giant grotesque figure standing before him, Vex began warping around the room seemingly uncontrollably. Zelem was fascinated, until Vex destroyed nearly everything in Zelem's hideout and then vanished. Vex then departed from working for Zelem to fight the Darkspore.

Zelem also magnified the powers of an already-quantum hero, Magnos, allowing him to gain power from cosmic rays.

Some time later, Zelem sent out a wave of energy directly from the core of the Nexus. On another isle near the gravitational center of the Nexus, an engineer named Orion was working at the Nexus' power plants when this happened. Everyone but Orion fled the building, and Orion was hit by the energy wave and was given Quantum abilities. He used these abilities as if by instinct to knock two floating islands offcourse that were about to collide, thus saving millions of lives while nearly losing his own. Orion then went into hiding after the Darkspore invaded and departed to fight them.

On yet another section of the Nexus, an elite engineer named Andromeda used her gravitic powers to help the people of her home island Mishima. Impressed by her actions, Zelem lead her into his enclave and made her into one of his living weapons there. She learned much from him, and he called her his "child". One day, when the Darkspore sent a fleet to the Nexus, Zelem disappeared. Without her mentor, Andromeda was free to do what she wanted to, and so she joined the resistance against the Darkspore.

Sometime after the Darkspore conquered Zelem's Nexus and Zelem was nowhere to be found, a burglar named Maldri found Zelem's old lab. Maldri saw all of the machines and weapons, and wanted them all to himself. During his raid, Maldri accidentally activated a ray gun that struck him with a beam that granted him Quantum powers, and he became Maldri, the Quantum Raider.

Zelem, after being ambushed by the horde of Darkspore mutants, was killed in the outer rings of Zelem's Nexus.

Trivia Edit

  • Thomas Vu, the lead producer of Darkspore, pronounces Zelem's name as "ZEE-LUM". However, Michael Perry, the co-producer, pronounced it as "ZEL-LUM" at the PAX Expo.