Zunghul is one of the many 608 creature creations created by Maxis. It is commonly seen as a Last Nest Creature in Creature Stage and very unlikely to be seen as an animal (can be domesticated) in Tribal Stage.

Description Edit

The Zunghul is a Large sized creature that has Four legs on its body, and it has one set of arms, it has level 2 Bite Carnivore mouth. It also has Level 4 Strike and Level 4 Charge, this means it can take down Creatures Quickly. And has 2 the Socializing abilities with charm being the most effective. The baby version of the Zunghul is easy to identify because they are so small Compared to the Adults.

Socialization Skills Edit

The Zunghul has Level 1 Singing and 2 Charm, this means it's Horrible at impressing other Creatures. Due to the social skills set for the Zunghul it's not recommended that you use it for social means rather than killing it.

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